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Beer-centric band brews up bar with parade goers Board fires police chief

Beer-centric band brews up bar with parade goers

Sporting lederhosen, beer goggles, and waist-length dreadlocks, the 6-foot-6 Josh Mannen, musician, front man, and professional… drinker…makes for a charismatic character and promoter for his band Drunk in the Garage. A beer-centric band with songs like “Bud Light,” “Professional [“drinker”],” … Continue reading →

Board fires police chief

The Board of Trustees voted to terminate PCC police chief Don Yoder “with cause” Monday night, after Yoder had been on paid administrative leave since July. Continue reading →

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Tough start for men’s basketball

Although the PCC men’s basketball team went winless during the San Bernardino Valley Alvin Hunter Classic, the young team proved they could play with some of the best teams in the state. Continue reading Read more

Second annual Million Meals Marathon in time for Thanksgiving

The second annual Million Meals Marathon will be held Saturday and Sunday for 24 hours in Lot 1 of the Pasadena City College campus off of Hill Avenue. Read more

Board moves forward with presidential search

An updated position profile and timeline for the ongoing presidential search was presented by a recently hired headhunting firm and was approved by a 4-2 vote during Monday night’s Board of Trustees’ meeting. Continue reading Read more

Campus officer injured detaining wanted suspect

A campus police officer sustained minor injuries detaining a wanted man inside the W building shower area last week. Read more

Women’s Basketball takes first game of the season

Despite being freshman-heavy and only one returning sophomore, the women’s basketball team dominated the Taft College Cougars in its first game of the Honda of Pasadena Classic, Friday night in the Hutto-Patterson Gym. Continue reading Read more

Voting is a privilege not a chore citizens should have to go through

Midterm elections are well-over, but the projected voter turnout of only 40 percent has become a cause of concern for politicians. Discussions have formed over whether or not voting should become compulsory in the United States. Continue reading Read more

Choice to end life is an individual right

With the highly publicized death of Brittany Maynard, a 29-year old terminally ill California woman who moved to Oregon to end her life, the debate over physician-assisted death has once again become a controversial topic across the country. Continue reading Read more

Scene: Homecoming

Mandala colors Pasadena

Amongst the different types of religious artwork, the creation of a colorful sand mandala by Tibetan monks are a must- see. From Nov. 5 to Nov. 9, the USC Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena put on a special event known … Continue reading Read more

Women’s soccer drops fifth straight

The women's soccer team dropped two games over the weekend, extending their losing streak to five games with one game left to play. Continue reading Read more