Mission Statement

The Courier is an online news publication produced and edited by Pasadena City College students as part of the journalism program. As a service to the campus community, the staff reports and comments on issues important to readers.

Unlike any other program at PCC, Courier is independent from the college. It has been a unique medium for students, faculty, staff, administration and alumni to voice their concerns since 1915.

The Courier, which was known as the Chronicle in its earlier years, was a service to the Pasadena community before the college was established. Once the campus transformed from a high school to a community college, the student newspaper made its changes alongside.

Corrections Policy

The Courier and its staff endeavors to ensure accuracy in all aspects of its reporting. If you believe we have made an error of fact or omission, please contact us at (626) 585-3375 or via e-mail to ncmcintire@pasadena.edu.