Alum’s books help small fish swim in big pond

Chelo Manchego saw his home country El Salvador as “another world”. His family lived in a gated community due to the dangers in his neighborhood, however, he had his own ways of escaping reality. He spent hours in nature with his friends and loved to be outside as much as he could. In El Salvador, there are earthquakes constantly, so he would make a tent outside because he was convinced it was safer than being inside a building. His family was always supportive of his …

Award winning ESL professor teaches through tech

As a college professor and a mother of a 10 year old daughter, Catherine Datko understands how important technology is. From having to use a typewriter to write her papers in college, to now having a cellular device where papers can be written from one’s fingertips, Datko has witnessed the constant improvements technology has had within the past decade. She has always been passionate in helping people which is why she became an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, and through her testimonies and …

DACA student fights for those in the shadows

In the early morning on the busy streets of downtown LA back in September, there was a rally put together by members of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) in the morning in front of the Edward Roybal federal building. There were people slowly driving by in traffic honking at the crowd and waving their hands showing support. Union members, community group leaders from various groups like Undocumedia, allies, as well as LA County supervisor Hilda Solis spoke at the podium, voicing …

Freshman’s knockout ‘triple threat’ skill set

Sporting a number 18 jersey, and standing six feet tall, his eyes dart toward the brown, prolate spheroid-shaped object that quickly dashes through the diamond-shaped grassy area. Playing as a safety and linebreaker, he fends off his opponents who are rapidly dashing toward him. Having an alert mind and strength are two key abilities in this type of scenario, especially where bulky, strong men are charging towards one another.

Shifting priorities in the honors program

He dresses in a formal business attire and dawns a black dress shoe, while carrying a bag filled with his planners and notebooks. Inside his planner consists of day-to-day activities that range from grading class assignments to business-related duties. His demeanor, likewise, is a caricature of other professors who dress professional by society’s view of an authoritative figure.