‘May December’ mystifies the melodrama in one of the year’s best movies

Share: Before cancel culture had its torches and pitchforks out for anyone at the center of controversy, there were scandals. Fueled by tabloids and morbid curiosities, nothing made national news quite like an appalling figure that raised uncomfortable questions about what it means to be human. “May December,” the new film directed by Todd Haynes, seeks to scrutinize scandal for all its melodramatic, unholy glory through a pitch-perfect script by Samy Burch. Led by career-best performances from Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, “May December” initially …

Episode Nine: Transferring

Share: Joined again by Machu, hosts David and Sol discuss what it’s like preparing for college applications. Is it worth getting a Bachelor’s nowadays, or is it more beneficial to immediately get a job? Topics include applying during high school, balancing multiple jobs, and moving out.   Audio version: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4MInYctwvYVlyf5NqIgrB5?si=ec6d6699fc2f4da8   YouTube: Follow:

Episode Eight: Validation

Share: After taking a brief hiatus, hosts David and Sol talk about the struggles of seeking validation. Who do we seek validation from, and why? Topics include showing responsibility to your boss, not socializing at a community college, and wanting validation from strangers.   YouTube:   Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/32Cg5Pr1bcRye51jt133Er?si=0e674d552a7f4476       Follow:

PCC celebrates Shatford Library’s illustrious history at 30th birthday party

Share: Over 30 years ago, between the E-building and lot 7, a barren plot covering about 60,000 square feet of land awaited construction. Plans for the new library began over 30 years prior, with groundwork starting in 1991. The old library, located in the L-building, opened in the summer of 1949. For the time, the new space impressed the college with the steadfast construction and the jump from 38,000 books to over 43,000 books. However, its end was imminent. On Sept. 7, 1993, a new …

Episode 7: Mid-Semester Burnout

Share: With 8 weeks to go out of 16, are PCC students feeling burnout from their classes? Hosts David and Sol are joined by new staff writer Jagger to discuss their struggles balancing classes with other responsibilities. Topics include not showing up to class, never ending TikTok feeds, and what can be done to prevent procrastination. Audio version: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5tF9r0fvwCvTEukUsK04J7?si=63adb82f55b344b0   YouTube version:   Follow:

Say hello to the new boss at PCC, Dr. José Gómez

Share: With a tall cup of Diet Coke and the sun shining through the windows, Dr. José Gómez, the Interim Superintendent-President, speaks fondly of the musicians who once walked PCC’s halls, from Eddie Van Halen to Kenny Loggins. The awe and excitement with which he spoke of these legends translates directly to his love and dedication to PCC, not just as an institution but as a community as well. Gómez assumed the role of Interim Superintendent President in late July following former president Erika Endrijonas’s …

Episode Six: Happy Halloween! Horror movies, folklore, ouija boards, and more

Share: It’s almost October 31st! Carve pumpkins with hosts David and Sol, and our editor-in-chief, Sam! Tune in for a quick de-stress and pumpkin carving as they chat about all things Halloween including exorcisms, horror movies, the spirit world, and eerie folklores. This week there is only a video edition of the podcast, due to its interactive nature! (Carving Pumpkins) Follow:

At best, Kevin de León is a moron. At worst, he ruins the future for Latinos in office

Share: When everyone, including the President of the United States, wants someone out of office, that’s the sign to get bags packed and run for the hills, going as far away from an office with an assistant as humanly possible. Unfortunately, Los Angeles District 14 Councilmember Kevin de León did not get the memo. His unbearable ego outweighs any semblance of accountability or dignity after private, racist conversations surfaced online in 2022 involving de León and three other Councilmembers, embarrassing District 14, my district, in …