Episode 2: Oscars 2024

Share: After The Courier took home awards this past Saturday, host David is joined by co-video editor Dante and staff writer Gabriel to discuss this year’s Oscars ceremony. Topics include Oppenheimer sweeping with a whopping seven wins, Jonathan Glazer’s speech, and why Crash is one of the worst Best Picture winners in history. The audio version will be published soon.   YouTube:   Follow:

Hostile public comments disrupt structure of Academic Senate meetings

Share: Over the last several months, the Pasadena City College Academic Senate (AS) drew ire from a professor and one particularly derogatory student when they stopped publicly airing their meetings on YouTube, momentarily banning public comment on non-agenda items before moving them to the end of meetings.  Like many public governmental bodies, the AS started livestreaming their meetings over YouTube as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but sporadically live streamed, recorded, and published meetings before the pandemic, beginning as early as 2012. The AS …

Episode 1: Voter Guides and Local Elections

Share: On the first episode back from winter break, host David is joined by News Editor Seamus to discuss civic engagement, local elections and a project that The Courier worked on with local newspaper LAist to inform local voters about who’s running in the election on March 5. Races covered include Pasadena Mayor, Pasadena City Council and Pasadena City College Board of Trustees. See the voter guides here, on the LAist website: https://laist.com/news/politics/voter-game-plan Audio used with permission of LAist / 89.3 FM Audio: Follow:

Episode 11: Missing Textbook Waiver

Share: After PCC took away the $200 textbook waiver previously offered to all students, hosts David and Sol, alongside editor-in-chief Samuel, discuss what it was like writing The Courier’s editorial. Additionally, they go over the semester’s best stories Audio version: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2fRWzaU2YIhl6F0INkCRxL?si=01543c63d6724acf   Video version: Follow:

4-year universities and community colleges swap degree programs

Share: Amid transfer season, higher education alternatives are beginning to materialize for students who struggle with paying high tuition. While community colleges typically offer associate’s degrees and four-year universities with bachelor’s degrees, the opposite may soon be true. In other states, four-year universities such as Butler University in Indianapolis and the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis have either implemented or are preparing to implement new, two-year colleges after Chicago’s Loyola University started the model in 2015. The effort comes in response to rising college …

‘May December’ mystifies the melodrama in one of the year’s best movies

Share: Before cancel culture had its torches and pitchforks out for anyone at the center of controversy, there were scandals. Fueled by tabloids and morbid curiosities, nothing made national news quite like an appalling figure that raised uncomfortable questions about what it means to be human. “May December,” the new film directed by Todd Haynes, seeks to scrutinize scandal for all its melodramatic, unholy glory through a pitch-perfect script by Samy Burch. Led by career-best performances from Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, “May December” initially …

Episode Nine: Transferring

Share: Joined again by Machu, hosts David and Sol discuss what it’s like preparing for college applications. Is it worth getting a Bachelor’s nowadays, or is it more beneficial to immediately get a job? Topics include applying during high school, balancing multiple jobs, and moving out.   Audio version: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4MInYctwvYVlyf5NqIgrB5?si=ec6d6699fc2f4da8   YouTube: Follow:

Episode Eight: Validation

Share: After taking a brief hiatus, hosts David and Sol talk about the struggles of seeking validation. Who do we seek validation from, and why? Topics include showing responsibility to your boss, not socializing at a community college, and wanting validation from strangers.   YouTube:   Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/32Cg5Pr1bcRye51jt133Er?si=0e674d552a7f4476       Follow: