Transgender soldiers are still soldiers

SHARE: Much like muggle born wizards striving to live fairly in spite of Voldemort’s world, many members of the transgender community have risen up to defend themselves and all genders inside the military after Trump’s insensitive transgender ban was set…


Trump VS. the world

SHARE: It came as no surprise, but just because something is expected to happen does not mean that it still can’t be disappointing.


Maher can’t keep his foot out of his mouth

SHARE: In the boiling political climate that we have now, both the right and the left and anyone else on the spectrum seem to gravitate towards newscasters who present recent occurrences in a more relaxed and straightforward manner. Bill Maher,…


Shame on vote shamers

SHARE: Ever since the 2016 presidential election campaign it seems like people have started ignoring the notion of personal privacy. Offensive letters that were recently sent to L.A. voters is just one more step toward the nation’s complete disregard of…