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Inspired design of Center for the Arts wins architectural excellence award Griffith cleared, settlement reached Rocha retains severance with new settlement ACCJC puts school on probation

Inspired design of Center for the Arts wins architectural excellence award

PCC’s Center for the Arts unique design elements qualified it for “exemplifying a level of excellence in architectural design” for an Institutional Building for design firm AC Martin, winning the firm the Design Excellence 2014 Citation Award from San Fernando … Continue reading →

Griffith cleared, settlement reached

The district recently signed a settlement agreement stating there was no evidence found that former architecture instructor Coleman Griffith committed sexual harassment, agreeing to allow Griffith to resign with early retirement benefits and pay $18,000 to a search engine optimization … Continue reading →

Rocha retains severance with new settlement

After a Los Angeles Superior court judge nullified former Superintendent President Dr. Mark Rocha’s severance package last April, ruling that Rocha and the Board of Trustees violated the Brown Act by not listing his severance package negotiations in closed sessions, … Continue reading →

ACCJC puts school on probation

Pasadena City College officials announced last week that the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) decided to maintain PCC’s accreditation while putting the school on probation for not being able to work together for the betterment of the … Continue reading →

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District faces violations for cancellation of winter session

Pasadena City College officials violated the law when they canceled winter session for the 2012-2013 academic calendar and must restore a semester calendar and pay employees for lost wages, according to a preliminary ruling from the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). Continue reading Read more

Search for new police chief underway

Almost a year after former PCC police chief Don Yoder was fired from the position of director of Campus Police and Safety Services, the district is finally beginning the process to fill the position permanently. Read more

Nostalgic glow of retro gaming lives in Old Pasadena

A neon “Press Start Here” sign invites the visiting gamer to take a step back into the 80s at the Neon Retro Arcade. Greeted by banks of brightly colored, back-lit vintage video consoles with neon glowing pinball machines like marching … Continue reading Read more

Lancers’ football looks to get back on track

Riding the coat tails of four disappointing seasons under former head coach Fred Fimbres, PCC is looking to defensive guru Thom Kaumeyer to turn the ship around in 2016. Continue reading Read more

Neutral party conducts second investigation into recruiting violations

Joe Peron, who has coached the women's basketball team at PCC since 1996, is under a second investigation for violating the recruiting by-laws of the South Coast Conference. Continue reading Read more

Trustee retires, new candidates vie for empty seat

After 32 years, Dr. Jeanette Mann will be stepping down from her seat on the PCC Board of Trustees. Continue reading Read more

Nationwide health care subsidies do more good than harm

The Supreme Court’s decision to not vote in favor of the plaintiff in King v. Burwell is a major victory for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The 6-to-3 ruling to uphold the ACA means that the federal government is allowed to provide nationwide tax subsidies. Low and moderate income Americans who would have previously struggled to buy health care can now afford it. Continue reading Read more

Five veterans certified through Project Choice

After a two weekend-long educational training workshop totaling 24 hours, five veterans are now the first certified health advocates at a community college as a result of a partnership with a university organization. Geared specifically for the veteran, Latino and … Continue reading Read more

Religious Freedom Restoration Act the New Jim Crowe

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and the Freedom Fighters valiantly fought for the civil rights of African-Americans living in a society where racism and prejudice had deemed them second class citizens. Then, the nation deliberated over … Continue reading Read more

Freedom of Speech Not Entirely Absolute

Although freedom of speech appears to be a straightforward and agreeable issue on the surface, it has been proven to be a great conundrum for both the government and private citizens. The most recent complication comes from the Sons of … Continue reading Read more

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