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Sophomore swimmer eyes state championship Piano ensemble plays to packed house ‘Eats on the Streets’ offers a taste of South Pasadena
Sophomore swimmer eyes state championship

Sophomore swimmer eyes state championship

Sophomore swimmer Mohammad Esmaeilian is no stranger to adversity or hard work. With an impressive 2014 season that saw the determined swimmer qualify for the 2014 State Championships in his rearview, the Lancers’ 2015 captain and rocket in the water has his eyes set on another State Championship appearance. Continue reading →

Piano ensemble plays to packed house

Saturday’s performance of “Southern Harmony: Music of the American experience,” put on by the piano ensemble class in the sold out Westerbeck Recital Hall deviated from those in the past because it didn’t feature any European composers and relied solely on those penned in the states. Continue reading →

‘Eats on the Streets’ offers a taste of South Pasadena

Organized by the Rotary Club of South Pasadena, the Fourth Annual Taste of South Pasadena, hosted last Wednesday, allowed participants to sample food from select restaurants and enjoy Garagiste Festival wines. Continue reading →

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Five veterans certified through Project Choice

After a two weekend-long educational training workshop totaling 24 hours, five veterans are now the first certified health advocates at a community college as a result of a partnership with a university organization. Geared specifically for the veteran, Latino and … Continue reading Read more

Religious Freedom Restoration Act the New Jim Crowe

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and the Freedom Fighters valiantly fought for the civil rights of African-Americans living in a society where racism and prejudice had deemed them second class citizens. Then, the nation deliberated over … Continue reading Read more

Freedom of Speech Not Entirely Absolute

Although freedom of speech appears to be a straightforward and agreeable issue on the surface, it has been proven to be a great conundrum for both the government and private citizens. The most recent complication comes from the Sons of … Continue reading Read more

Forgive us journalism, we have sinned!

As the Courier celebrates 100 years of service to the community, it is a time to look back upon the many moments that have shaped the lives of the campus community. Some of those many moments showcase the best things … Continue reading Read more

Lakers, Lancers, Legends

Michael Cooper, former member of the infamous Los Angeles Lakers “Showtime” team, at one point it seemed unlikely that he would make it to the NBA after he failed a junior college English class. Faced with such a challenging situation, … Continue reading Read more

Print to digital

Print is dying. Digital is the future. At least that seems to be a common topic of discussion these days among journalists. Media has come a very long way since the first printed word, and drawings on cave walls have … Continue reading Read more

A photo story

The journalism department at Pasadena City College didn’t always include photojournalism classes. Initially, the Courier newspaper students relied on art photography students to provide images for their stories. When Mikki Bolliger was hired as a faculty adviser for the student … Continue reading Read more

Controlling welfare not so well

In an attempt to lift the people of Kansas out of poverty, Governor Sam Brownback has signed a bill limiting where welfare money can and cannot be spent. Read more

Riots, thefts and murder

8 – Escaping the Riot Alfredo Santana, a PCC student who immigrated to America from Mexico, thought he wouldn’t make it home that night. Driving to drop off magazines at a 7-11 in Inglewood during the L.A. Riots of 1992, … Continue reading Read more

An adviser’s legacy

She arrived on campus at Pasadena City College during the early morning and had no clue where she was going. No schedule and absolutely no information on hand that could alleviate her anxiousness. To gain some knowledge of where she … Continue reading Read more

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