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Editorial: Dispute over labor only hurts students East LA Punk is alive and well in the hearts of many Schools Senate leaders push back on hiring policy
(Illustrated By; Mick Donovan/ Written By: Justin Clay and Paul Ochoa)

Editorial: Dispute over labor only hurts students

Academic Senate president Eduardo Cairo’s announcement that the senate executive committee would only work the minimum number of required hours in response to the college hiring the minimum of full time employees sets a dangerous precedent.  

East LA Punk is alive and well in the hearts of many

Punk veterans Alice Bag, coordinated with blue suede shoes to match her azure blue hair, and Jimmy Alvarado, in a black Ramones T-shirt, are likely the most eloquent and well spoken punk rockers that you will ever meet this side … Continue reading →

Schools’ princesses not chosen for 2015 Rose Queen

Full stomachs and comfortable clothes were first priority for both Rose Court Princesses from Pasadena City College, Veronica Sara Mejia and Mackenzie Joy Byers, after welcoming their new Rose Queen on Wednesday night.

Senate leaders push back on hiring policy

Academic Senate president Eduardo Cairo announced that the senate executive committee would work only the minimum number of required hours in response to interim president Robert Miller’s estimates of full-time faculty hiring needs that Cairo said merely attempt to meet … Continue reading →

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Historic mansion shapes young guides

A chorus of “Eww!” reverberated around the historic mansion. The voices belong to roughly two-dozen middle schoolers all crowded into a child’s bedroom that is filled with toys and furniture from over a century ago. Read more

Heartfelt performance depicts life of Emily Dickinson

Music and theater came together to illustrate the life of American poet Emily Dickinson in the Westerbeck Recital Hall on Sunday afternoon. Read more

Cancer survivor strives to help others through art

People wearing bio-hazard radiation suits walked into the room carrying a container. The lid opened with a ksssssssssh as it released the freeze-dried smoke. From out of the container they pulled a black pill and handed it to the girl … Continue reading Read more

Blue Skies and Death

Originally, drones were a great idea. It provided the military with a convenient solution to both the safety of their pilots and their financial overhead. However, that convenience has its costs. Their rampant use has led to rampant civilian deaths, … Continue reading Read more

Men’s soccer on a three game losing streak

The men’s soccer team played another game full of missed opportunities Tuesday, losing their third consecutive match 1-0 to Long Beach City College at Robinson Stadium Continue reading Read more

Women’s soccer remain winless on the road

The PCC women’s soccer team took to the road on Tuesday evening to Long Beach City College, looking for their first road win of the season. However, those plans will remain on hold, as the Lancers dropped their match to … Continue reading Read more

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Thursday, October 23: University Rep. Visit, CSU Los Angeles: 8:00 a.m. in L110 University Rep. Visit, Brandman University: 10:00 a.m. at the Quad University Rep. Visit, National University: 11:30 a.m. at the Quad Budget and Resource Allocation Committee Meeting: 2:30 … Continue reading Read more

School participates in California ShakeOut

PCC students, staff and faculty at the Community Education Center joined more than 10 million people statewide in the Great California ShakeOut Earthquake Drill. Read more

Why voting is meaningless, but you should do it anyway

Given last year’s poor election turnout, the Los Angeles Ethics Commission has begun considering the idea of using cash prizes to increase voter participation. While people are definitely motivated by money, it still won’t solve the apathy people feel towards … Continue reading Read more

Japanese tea ceremony keeps traditions alive

Everyone took off their shoes. There were creaks as they stepped up onto the wooden deck, their feet relaxing in relief from the painful rocks inlaid in the dirt. As they filed in one by one, everyone either took a … Continue reading Read more

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