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Satiate for about eight dollars at Plate 38

‘Nomads’: Left without a home

Paintings and sculptures dominate many galleries in the art world but “Nomads,” the current exhibit in the Boone Family Art Gallery, focuses on the humble art of printmaking.

Satiate for about eight dollars at Plate 38

At the corner of Sierra Madre and Colorado Boulevards is Plate 38, a fire and renovation survivor, the bistro burger, sports bar, and breakfast joint favorite that is hip, comfortable, has decent parking and is PCC close.

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Rocha not offered college presidency in New York

President Mark Rocha was not offered the position of president at Kingsborough Community College (KCC) in Brooklyn, New York, which he applied for earlier this year. The position went to Farley Herzek who is currently serving as interim president of Los Angeles Harbor College, according to KCC officials. Continue reading Read more

Editorial: The Out of Control Cash Cow

Whether it’s for alleged sexual misconduct, physical assault, corruption, or for mysterious reasons, placing faculty and staff on paid administrative leave has become the norm here at PCC. Paid administrative leave is basically putting employees on timeout while they still … Continue reading Read more

$15 million awarded to create Career Pathway programs

The Career Pathway Trust awarded $15 million to Pasadena City College last month, allowing the school to develop new career programs centered around information technology and visual arts. Continue reading Read more

Senate debates no confidence vote for Board of Trustees

The Academic Senate debated holding a vote of no confidence for the Board of Trustees at Monday’s meeting. Many senators voiced their dissatisfaction with how the Board handled many issues this year. “I think some really bad decisions have been … Continue reading Read more

PCC Health Services: small fee, big benefits

Did you know that your student health fee provides a variety of health consultation and assistance from pregnancy, disease and infection prevention to mental health and counseling services? Registered students can go to PCC Health Services, located in D105, where … Continue reading Read more

Guns are dangerous, especially in the wrong hands

Guns are sold to people all over the country. They are deadly, but it isn’t the gun that does the shooting—it is the shooter. We could eliminate guns, but that would not stop a disturbed individual from finding a way to kill what they think are the enemy or fighting the battle that is within. Continue reading Read more

School in violation of state educational code

After surveying other near by community colleges, PCC found that it is violating the California Educational Code by not offering financial aid students reduced priced parking permits, according to Senior Vice President Robert Miller. Continue reading Read more

World Cup Shines Spotlight on Growing Popularity of Soccer in the U.S.

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s most watched sporting event. The month-long international tournament draws the attention of hardcore fans and casual fans alike. FIFA estimates that at least one billion people watched the World Cup Final in 2010, … Continue reading Read more

Warped Tour thrives after 20 years of music

Warped Tour evolves with the music industry to remain a staple among fans despite the rise in summer music festivals. Continue reading Read more

OP-ED: Hosting the World Cup, the right choice

When FIFA confirmed Brazil as the site of the 2014 World Cup in 2007, the BBC reported that celebrations broke out throughout the country.  Now with the current protests in Brazil, some are questioning the wisdom of allowing certain countries … Continue reading Read more

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