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East LA Punk is alive and well in the hearts of many Senate leaders push back on hiring policy

East LA Punk is alive and well in the hearts of many

Punk veterans Alice Bag, coordinated with blue suede shoes to match her azure blue hair, and Jimmy Alvarado, in a black Ramones T-shirt, are likely the most eloquent and well spoken punk rockers that you will ever meet this side … Continue reading →

Senate leaders push back on hiring policy

Academic Senate president Eduardo Cairo announced that the senate executive committee would work only the minimum number of required hours in response to interim president Robert Miller’s estimates of full-time faculty hiring needs that Cairo said merely attempt to meet … Continue reading →

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Oscar winning alum’s settlement unveiled

The District paid Oscar award winning alum Dustin Lance Black more than $26,000 so he would not sue the school after top officials rescinded an invitation for him to speak at commencement last May, according to a settlement agreement. Continue reading Read more

Former VP files lawsuit against District

Former Vice President Richard van Pelt filed a lawsuit against PCC on Thursday, alleging that the district breached his contract and failed to reimburse his business expenses while employed by the school, according to court documents. Continue reading Read more

PCC accused of violating open-meeting laws

A lawsuit filed on Thursday by a nonprofit group will seek a court-ordered reversal of former president Mark Rocha’s $400,000 severance package, alleging that the Board of Trustees violated open-meetings laws. Read more

Why voting is meaningless, but you should do it anyway

Given last year’s poor election turnout, the Los Angeles Ethics Commission has begun considering the idea of using cash prizes to increase voter participation. While people are definitely motivated by money, it still won’t solve the apathy people feel towards … Continue reading Read more

Japanese tea ceremony keeps traditions alive

Everyone took off their shoes. There were creaks as they stepped up onto the wooden deck, their feet relaxing in relief from the painful rocks inlaid in the dirt. As they filed in one by one, everyone either took a … Continue reading Read more

Volleyball beats LA Harbor in straight sets

The women’s volleyball team overcame a slow start to beat the LA Harbor Seahawks in an impressive straight-sets win at Hutto-Pattinson gymnasium Wednesday night. The Lancers swept LA Harbor, 25-23, 25-20, 25-22 in a match where the scoreboard didn’t reflect … Continue reading Read more

Associated Students shape up on skills at conference

The Associated Students attended the 33rd Annual Student Leadership Conference last weekend to sharpen their networking, communication and goal-setting skills. Read more

PCC student killed in car crash

A PCC freshman was killed in a single car accident around 8pm Tuesday night. Read more

Editorial: Dispute over labor only hurts students

Academic Senate president Eduardo Cairo’s announcement that the senate executive committee would only work the minimum number of required hours in response to the college hiring the minimum of full time employees sets a dangerous precedent. Cairo is suggesting that … Continue reading Read more

Police blotter

Monday, October 13 A man was reportedly taking upskirt photos in the Library around 6pm. Police said he was actually taking side photos of females.   Tuesday, October 14 Child Development Center staff reported that an irate woman was yelling … Continue reading Read more

Football loses third consecutive game

The Lancers football team continued to struggle Saturday, losing 50-19 against the Ventura Pirates despite playing at home. Continue reading Read more

Is American Football too dangerous?

American football has been around for many decades. Throughout all those decades, times have changed. Football used to be a sport where you only wore a helmet over your head and some pads to cover your legs. Now, you have … Continue reading Read more

Columbus deserves his day

If we are going to get rid of Columbus Day then we should get rid of every holiday that involved any sort of nastiness: Thanksgiving and the 4th of July to name a few. History is not perfect and neither are most of figures and events in it but those people and events shaped the world we live in today and they deserve to be recognized and their days observed. Continue reading Read more

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