Ethics committee failing ‘because people don’t come to meetings’

Share: “You’re asking the wrong person,” said Carol Curtis, in deadpan tone. The conversation then pointed to who should be asked. “The committee members that don’t respond. I mean, I don’t know why they don’t come,” Curtis said. Curtis is chairwoman of PCC’s Committee for Academic Freedom and Professional Ethics (CAFPE). Her committee oversees the campus-wide ethics policy. “But it’s a policy not just for faculty, it’s also for students and for management,” Curtis noted. Follow:

Forget the president, local elections matter more

Share: Marking his first political speaking engagement since the end of his term, former President Barack Obama urged students at the University of Illinois to fight against President Donald Trump and his regime. The significance of the midterm election has been downplayed in years past and, in our current political climate, this coming November is shaping up to be one of the most important midterms to date. Follow:

Can Jon Kyl continue McCain’s senatorial success?

Share: Following John McCain’s passing, there continues to remain an empty seat in the Senate. The question now is who is next in line to succeed as the Arizona senator? Is it a young chap leading a political movement or just another dull prospector? After retiring in 2013, Republican Jon Kyl, a former Arizona senator, never expected he would be called upon his state Governor to serve his country’s political body again. However, the death of the esteemed John McCain has nonetheless resulted in the …

Academic Senate to gain student voice

Share: In its ongoing effort to promote shared governance, the Academic Senate is adding a student representative to its ranks as well as representatives from the Classified Senate and Faculty Association. The Academic Senate has had its share of complaints directed at the school’s administration for what they feel to be blatant violations of shared governance, so members of the group decided it should represent interests beyond those of the faculty. “The executive committee is aware that decisions made by the senate most of the …

Evaluation Highlights Disconnect Between Faculty and President

Share: An evaluation circulated among full-time faculty earlier this semester has found that a vast majority of faculty believe PCC President Mark Rocha’s job performance is severely lacking in many areas. The survey found that 82 percent of faculty polled gave President Rocha the lowest rating possible when it came to promoting participation by all groups in planning and shared governance structures. Eighty-one percent gave Rocha the lowest rating possible when it comes to fostering an environment conductive to productive collective bargaining negotiations, while 79 …