Police Blotter: Two arrests in busiest week on record

Share: Monday, May 22 At 4 a.m., an officer escorted a homeless person off of school grounds at the Child Development Center. A person was escorted off campus after reports of them asking for money in the Quad. A woman reported a man was yelling insults at her and her friends near the Mirror Pools. The area was checked by officers but the person was gone when they arrived. A student’s backpack was stolen from from the GM building. A report was taken. A student’s …

Blind debater delivers despite self doubt

Share: As Speech and Debate director Cindy Phu and head coaches Allan Axibal-Cordero and Jay Arntson were breaking down the syllabus, explaining events, and outlining upcoming tournaments on the first day of class, student Laura Davila listened nervously while already deciding when to drop. Her plan of escape was interrupted once introductory icebreakers started and she was required to introduce herself. Follow:

Lancers’ Lives: Twin bond embedded in Hawaiian roots

Share: Born and raised on the beautiful island of Kauai, 19 year old twins Shawna and Shane Ogata bring their academics, athleticism, and their Hawaiian hospitality to PCC. Both majoring in business, Shawna played two seasons for the Lancers volleyball team, while Shane plays baseball. The twins share a passion for the beach and their natives roots but what makes them stand out is the love they have for each other. Unlike most siblings, Shane and Shawna are best friends. Follow:

When will braille signs improve? Here’s the schedule

Share: Some of the braille signs that allow the visually impaired students to move around campus have been fixed, while others are still waiting to be either repaired or simply enhanced. Two previous articles (one in October 2016 and one in Febraury 2016) discussed the opportunity to label in braille not only the room number but also what the room is used for, and although it has been done for the bathrooms in the C building, now showing in braille not only the room number …