Following John McCain’s passing, there continues to remain an empty seat in the Senate. The question now is who is next in line to succeed as the Arizona senator? Is it a young chap leading a political movement or just another dull prospector?

After retiring in 2013, Republican Jon Kyl, a former Arizona senator, never expected he would be called upon his state Governor to serve his country’s political body again. However, the death of the esteemed John McCain has nonetheless resulted in the demand for an experienced senator who can continue McCain’s work and it appears as though Kyl is the appropriate fit.

Nonetheless, the appointing of Kyl is a measure to maintain balance in the Senate. Instead of giving the position to a young congressman, with the guts and ambition to achieve the same level of political success McCain and Kyl had acquired, it was decided to take the safe route of choosing the political monotonous “golden standard.”

Many found it puzzling that the Governor Doug Ducey’s recognized a new successor as quickly as he did, however, it proves Kyle’s competence to continue McCain’s political success.

“It is not the time for newcomers,” said Governor Ducey during his speech appointing a new Arizonian senate chair holder. “Now is not the time for on-the-job training.”

Instead of appointing an ambitious young politician, Governor Ducey chose the most qualified. Many believed that Ducey would have selected an individual capable of having him be re-elected governor, however, he decided to abandon such self-thinking and in lieu decided Kyl’s level of expertise is currently needed to fill the political void left by McCain.

Kyl is, in fact, a remarkable politician who has been in the political loop for more than two decades. During his political reign, he was recognized as the second highest ranking Republican seat holder in 2013. He has in fact discussed how he will continue McCain’s biggest legacy on foreign policy which is a topic Kyl is well acquainted with. In addition, Kyl “has built a reputation for his encyclopedic knowledge of domestic and foreign policy, and his hard work and leadership,” wrote Mitch McConnell for Time Magazine.”

It is not uncommon for a Republican to be stigmatized crudely concerning whether or not they will fulfill their political duty or take advantage of their power. However, in the case of Kyl, it seems as though he is not in it for the authoritative power the position grants, but instead, he is taking the job as an act of statesmanship for his country and the late John McCain.

“Few people have [Kyl’s] command of policy, his knowledge of its nuances or his grip on how they fit together,” wrote McConnell.

According to Kyl, he has decided not to commit to serving past this year. Instead, he only intends to step-in as a substitute for the late John McCain’s six-year Senate term. Nonetheless, it suggests Kyl statesmanship is to avoid an all-out Republican vs. Democratic battle over the empty seat, however reinstalling a Republican like Kyl in the Senate will nonetheless subdue the everbearing conflict between the parties until the next election year.

Appointing a young politician would have resulted in massive backlash toward the Governor’s partisan. Following through with Kyl as a replacement has nonetheless subdued another political controversy that would have further debilitated the political body.

In addition to the immense approval of Kyl filling in for John McCain, the McCain family has also acknowledged and accepted Kyle as being the next successor of the Senate seat.

“I am very grateful to Jon Kyl for his willingness to return to public service to take my father’s seat in the Senate,” said Meghan McCain, daughter of the late John McCain, in a recent tweet. “I can think of no one better to keep fighting for the country and state he held so dear. He has always been a true statesman and a friend to my family.”

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