An evaluation circulated among full-time faculty earlier this semester has found that a vast majority of faculty believe PCC President Mark Rocha’s job performance is severely lacking in many areas.

The survey found that 82 percent of faculty polled gave President Rocha the lowest rating possible when it came to promoting participation by all groups in planning and shared governance structures.

Eighty-one percent gave Rocha the lowest rating possible when it comes to fostering an environment conductive to productive collective bargaining negotiations, while 79 percent gave Rocha the lowest rating when it comes to fostering an environment conducive to harmonious employee relations.

The Academic Senate sent out the evaluation in January to assess President Rocha’s performance. The survey was in response to Senate members who felt that they were left out of the evaluation process when the Board approved an extension of President Rocha’s contract through June 30, 2017 after conducting their own close session evaluation process last October.

Rocha did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

The 32-question senate evaluation was distributed to full-time faculty in January and responses were received by 45 percent of those surveyed.

Some of the recommendations made in the comments from faculty members include the removal of the president, the restoration of shared governance and the reinstatement of the winter semester.

“Whatever problems that the evaluation shed light on, I hope the board of trustees will help us address them quickly so that we can address them,” said Eduardo Cairo, the president of the Academic Senate.

Cairo said he had not yet reviewed the results of the survey.

“I haven’t had time to look at the results yet,” Cairo said. “I have delivered them to the President’s office and I hope the board has seen them also.”

The evaluation praised President Rocha for his implementation of technology over his tenure as well as his support for undocumented students.

Members of the Board have stated that the evaluation isn’t board policy and they will not acknowledge it.

“It’s not the official evaluation,” said Assistant Superintendent Robert Miller. “Only the Board can evaluate the president, so I haven’t seen it and I wouldn’t actually look at it.”

7 Replies to “Evaluation Highlights Disconnect Between Faculty and President”

  1. How long will the Board pretend that they have not xeroxed, studied, agonized over the Rocha eval, looking for clues to his abysmal performance?
    Mark has dragged the poor college to its worst condition ever–and Accreditation will not be fooled by public relations efforts.
    How far can Miller go on pretending there are no problems at the college? We hope he can find a better way than “See no Evil” to address this crisis. Both VP’s tenures are quite tangled in with that of Resident Mark. … Good luck to all three of them.

  2. PCC should start posting faculty evaluations online. I bet if faculty spent more time focusing on students that would “return PCC to its former glory.”

  3. Read the evaluation results and the hundreds of comments faculty have made anonymously about the President that is ruining — i mean, running — this school:

    Bob Miller’s email thread can also be gotten here: Aw, poor baby! He’s good at throwing a tantrum – “Stop! You’re asking me to do my job transparently and give you information! Stop bullying me!” and “No, no, no – I WON’T look at the reality, I DON’T care about the professors at this school.”

    3 Votes of No Confidence on the President last year…Can anyone say Vote of No Confidence on the Administration…?

  4. Look, Bob Miller’s got his blinders on again!

    First it’s “I don’t want to give you that information; stop bullying me!” Now it’s “Faculty aren’t even allowed to have an opinion of the president.”

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