Women’s volleyball: clip the Falcons’ wings after loss

Share: Women’s volleyball was crushed on Wednesday by the El Camino Warriors (3-1), but their spirits were flying high against the Cerritos Falcons Friday, when they added another conference win (3-2) to their three previous victories toward playoffs.  “Hot and cold,” said Head Coach Mike Terrill when reflecting on Wednesday’s performance against the Warriors.  Point-wise, the Lancers rode El Camino’s coat tails each set throughout the match, never falling more than five points behind. However, the Warriors defense was ruthless. Outside Hitter Mikayla Clark made …

Courier Convos: Blizzard Entertainment’s Backlash Snowballs

Share: Courier staff members Ryan Huynh and Tim Wu join the party and react to the ongoing backlash video game developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment faces for penalizing a tournament winner over his broadcasted stance on the Hong Kong protests. The group also discusses the effectiveness of boycotting the company’s games and the new symbolism an Overwatch character has due to recent fan art. Follow:

Say high to our nation’s first cannabis cafe

Share: A line rapidly grew along La Brea Avenue on a fairly quiet Thursday afternoon in West Hollywood. The City of Hollywood has allowed a once taboo subject to become a reality by granting Original Cannabis Cafe a cannabis consumption license first out of 300 or more applicants. Los Angeles locals and visitors alike have been happily welcoming the nation’s first organic cannabis cafe for the last two weeks.  Follow:

Artist Laurie Shapiro debuts her transformative artwork

Share: Immersed by the whimsical display of painted canvases, sequined fabrics, laced ceiling decor, and self reflective screen prints, artist Laurie Shapiro exhibited Alchemy Tunnel: An Immersive Installation, on Oct. 5, 2019. The event was held at Radiant Space, a multimedia gallery in the heart of Los Angeles, sharing her raw, larger than life artwork to those from all walks of life.  Follow: