Latinx employees crusade for change and representation

Share: Four board members of the Association of Latino Employees (ALE) stood proudly as they prepared to deliver their speech. President and founding member Carlos “Tito” Altamirano donned a shirt with the words “Educated Latino” emblazoned on the front. To their left sat the Board of Trustees, and to their right was the public—all were an audience to ALE’s first presentation to spark a collective conversation about equality, empowerment, and representation for members of the Latinx community at PCC.  Follow:

Harry Styles’ new single encourages self acceptance

Share: Do you know who you are? If you’re Harry Styles the answer to this question is most definitely a resounding yes. Styles’ newly-released single “Lights Up” poses this question and encourages listeners to be themselves and get to the truth of who they are, with lyrics of the hook being “Shine, step into the light/Shine, so bright sometimes/Shine, I’m not ever going back.” “Lights Up” is Styles’ first single release since his self-titled 2017 debut solo album and fans were not disappointed with what …

Ageism can stay out of the presidential debate

Share: The idea of how old a candidate should be when running for president became a topic of concern when presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, 78, was sent to the hospital for chest pains. He suffered a heart attack and received two stents to open a blocked artery. To many, this reaffirmed a fear of having older white men run for the presidency and welcomed a new generation to take the lead. For others, this is just another -ism to add to the debate: ageism. Follow:

The Frights: A messy twist on swing and doo-wop

Share: The Frights have created the dingy love child between swing, doo-wop, and surf punk in thier 2013 self titled LP. This piece is the work of time travelers who went back to the 1950s so they could record an album in a garage. Using audio distortion and filters, lead vocalist and guitarist Mikey Carnevale sounds like a man from times passed. These megaphone-sounding vocals are then accompanied by chaotic echoing guitars, drums that are beaten and bashed mercilessly, and deep, sensual bass. All of …

Aftershocks: Sorting out the Shakeout in real time

Share: The Great California Shakeout, an annual public preparedness campaign cosponsored by the Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA) and state agencies, and backed by the USC-based Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), gave PCC a peek on Thursday, Oct. 17, at what a full-scale evacuation may have to withstand in a real emergency. The Courier chronicled the evacuation and reaction from the R building. Compared to other buildings, its classrooms reach up four stories. On the map, it is also not as close to its nearest designated …