LA professional curates PCC pieces for juried show

Share: Student artists, parents and friends gathered in the gallery in mass crowds to admire artwork from many types of mediums. Blood on canvas, sculptures, paintings and photography decorated the tall white walls. Guests snacked on cookies and cake while marveling at the art. Chatter filled the room with “congratulations,” and loving hugs greeted artists in front of their displayed creations.  Follow:

Lancer Radio channels spirits of the dearly departed

Share: A colorful and wonderfully decorated Dia de los Muertos altar at the front of the room presented itself as a stage for the dearly departed and celebrities like the beloved Selena Quintanilla. Candles, ornamented skulls and bright flowers adorned the altar. Disney’s “Coco” was projected on two screens while traditional Mexican music filled the room. Tamales, conchas and hot chocolate made the perfect trio for playing Loteria with fellow peers.  Follow:

Ageism can stay out of the presidential debate

Share: The idea of how old a candidate should be when running for president became a topic of concern when presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, 78, was sent to the hospital for chest pains. He suffered a heart attack and received two stents to open a blocked artery. To many, this reaffirmed a fear of having older white men run for the presidency and welcomed a new generation to take the lead. For others, this is just another -ism to add to the debate: ageism. Follow:

‘Leadership is where I belong’: Meet the new AS prez

Share: Everyone’s path towards success leads differently. Dionne B. Shelton, current President of Associated Students, discovered hers after she was overseen for a promotion at her previous job. She had the skills and built relationships but lacked the degree. Frustrated with being overlooked because of nepotism, Shelton began her journey at Pasadena City College and discovered her leadership capabilities.  Follow:

‘Ad Astra’: An out of this world experience about oneself

Share: Overshadowed by “Downton Abbey,” James Gray’s “Ad Astra” fell short at the box office with a $19.2 million debut but measures up to an unusual delight. The film will give the audience a blend of Sandra Bullock’s lonely journey in “Gravity” and Matthew McConaughey’s emotional adventure in “Interstellar.” Brad Pitt stars in this futuristic space cowboy movie that explores a distant relationship between father and son. You’ll love the visuals, praise the acting, and empathize with the plot.  Follow:

Kamala Harris takes softer approach on criminal justice reform

Share: Senator Kamala Harris of California released her criminal justice reform plan last Monday on her campaign website. Falling right into what Democrats want to hear, her plan is a hopeful copy-and-paste of what many Americans desire. It is comprehensive and too good to be something she may accomplish for those suffering in the justice system. Follow:

Lancers cross country keeps pace at Biola

Share: The Lancers raced at a steady pace competing against 4-year universities at the Biola Invitational Saturday morning at Craig Regional Park in Fullerton. The women’s cross country team placed 21st overall out of 22 teams, and the men’s team placed 15th out of 18 teams. Runner Olivia Ruiz, a freshman out of San Marino High School, lead the women’s team placing 135 out of 216 runners with the time of 20:58.28 during the 5k run. Following Ruiz was teammate Meline Minasian, with a time …