Women’s volleyball was crushed on Wednesday by the El Camino Warriors (3-1), but their spirits were flying high against the Cerritos Falcons Friday, when they added another conference win (3-2) to their three previous victories toward playoffs.

“Hot and cold,” said Head Coach Mike Terrill when reflecting on Wednesday’s performance against the Warriors.

Point-wise, the Lancers rode El Camino’s coat tails each set throughout the match, never falling more than five points behind. However, the Warriors defense was ruthless. Outside Hitter Mikayla Clark made 17 kills and 41 total attacks during Wednesday’s game, making it very difficult for the Lancers’ blockers to stop her.

“It was kind of a weird volleyball match. It was one of the first times that, I think, an opponent served tougher than we did and passed better than we did,” said Terrill. “That is what we try to pride ourselves on.”

Returning player Nikki Hernandez accrued three spikes and 18 assists while outside hitter Erykah Wilson made 9 digs, 37 total attacks and the most kills during the match with 14.

“I would not say it was our best moment as a team. I’m excited to see our energy coming into the next game,” said Hernandez.

“I think it was one of those games where we beat ourselves,” Wilson agreed. “It wasn’t anything drastic; all the scores were within five points. I think we waited a little too late to get our energy up and put the pressure on the other team.”

PCC’s energy substantially increased for the next conference match against the Falcons Friday. Winning four out of the five sets, the Lancers came into the match having worked out their kinks from the previous game with El Camino.

“We brought up a lot more points and energy and it’s nice to see that our fire came out,” Hernandez said. “It showed our fight as a team.”

Wilson took no prisoners dominating the Falcons’ defense with 8 digs, 45 attacks, and again scoring the most points (22) and kills (17) throughout the match. Freshman Nalani Young was right behind Wilson with 14 kills and 47 total attacks of her own. The Falcons were determined to throw off the Lancers defense in the third set, but could not manage to offset their attacks.

With a record of 12-3, this season looks just as promising as the Lancers’ last season in which they were the only sports team at PCC to make the playoffs.

“We always have faith that were going to be able to get better and keep progressing in the season,” said Terrill.

“I was really proud of how our team played,” Wilson said.

Going forward, women’s volleyball will compete against two more teams within their conference, East Los Angeles on Wednesday Oct. 16, and Rio Hondo on Friday Oct. 18.

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