Center for the Arts: Where creators grow

SHARE: Students singing, playing instruments, or carrying art supplies. It is easy to notice it all as soon as the sliding doors of the Center of the Arts building prop open. Every single classroom provides different venues for art students.


Girl Talk: Safe space promotes empowerment

SHARE: Last Thursday’s “Girl Talk” event at the Montebello Elks lodge, organized by several current and former PCC students, provided a safe space for women to hold discussion, share their stories and hear from empowering activists, including High School Musical…


Clubbing during Club Rush

SHARE: As students walk through the center of the campus, they pass by aisles of booths on both sides, glancing over the eye-catching signs that consist of glitter-like substances and the colorful texts inscribed in each club’s posters. A variety…


Students’ guide to first-year social success

SHARE: Within the spacious and diverse walls of the Center for the Arts, lies a stage imprinted with the birth of confidence. The stage sits bare, its focal point a young woman, glamorously donned in street attire, wearing nerves as…