PCC’s Queer Alliance zooms into the Spring semester

Share: Had the semester remained in person, PCC’s Queer Alliance (QA) club would be hosting weekly meetings every Thursday afternoon. The new reality of remote learning and social distancing led QA to come together virtually on April 25, where members talked about their favorite latest Netflix shows, share their thoughts on remote learning and keep up with each other while in quarantine.   QA is PCC’s club for LGBTQ+ students and faculty on campus. Since PCC’s campus is closed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, QA …

Coming out: A look at Queer Alliance’s president

Share: Sitting in the shade of the noisy quad, Frances Guzman reflected on her not so smooth coming out. Amidst the chaos of lunchtime pop music with bordering on painful sound to bass ratio, Guzman talked about coming from a childhood without LGBT+ representation, being raised in a Mexican family and learning how to navigate sexuality and gender identity largely on her own while also taking a leadership position. Follow: