Lancers football: A program on the rise

Share: The aura around PCC football has always been doubtful, negative, and dismissive. Since 2013, the Lancers have a combined record of 9-31 and he revolving door of coaches didn’t help. Casting further into the narrative that PCC football is a joke. It seemed like history would repeat itself when two weeks before the season, head coach Thomas Maher was suspended by PCC. Follow:

‘Thoughts and prayers’ won’t prevent the next mass shooting

Share: At a mere 20 years old, I’ve already lived through the nation’s five deadliest mass shootings in modern history. Two of which, Las Vegas and Texas, only occurred within the last few months. Seeing instances of gun violence splashed across the pages of newspapers has become a constant fixture throughout my life and the lives of Americans everywhere. Follow:

Twitter’s new 280 character is stupid and too long and no one wants to read this much and have I proven my point yet?

Share: During the past couple weeks the public interest in Twitter’s decision to switch it’s character limit to 280 characters for certain countries has diminished, which is the opposite of what the profoundly negative social impacts of this decision will do in the current social and journalistic climate.   Follow:

Freshman’s knockout ‘triple threat’ skill set

Share: Sporting a number 18 jersey, and standing six feet tall, his eyes dart toward the brown, prolate spheroid-shaped object that quickly dashes through the diamond-shaped grassy area. Playing as a safety and linebreaker, he fends off his opponents who are rapidly dashing toward him. Having an alert mind and strength are two key abilities in this type of scenario, especially where bulky, strong men are charging towards one another.   Follow:

Transfer Center: How to get out of here

Share: We are currently in the season where students are finishing up their final set of classes in preparation to transfer to a four-year university. There’s some things students may have to do before they actually get to transfer, like filling out school applications, meeting up with counselors to make sure their academic record is on track, and so forth. Yet, there are some students who are possibly lost in the process and may not have figured out what is the next step once they’re …