Superba Snacks + Coffee: Absolutely superb

Share: Pasadena is full of little gems and treasures and Superba Snacks + Coffee is definitely one of them. Their name does not disappoint as they have a variety of snacks and beverages to choose from. The cafe itself is open, allowing a fresh breeze to circulate throughout the seating area. In front of the counter, there is an island with simple to-go snack options, such as chips as well as a fridge stocked with sparkling waters, pressed juices and other beverages, allowing customers to …

The world’s first LGBTQ mariachi group welcomes PCC student

Share: When Pasadena City College student Leandro Orozco was contacted to join as a bassist for Mariachi Arcoíris, the first LGBTQ mariachi band in the world, he was hesitant. “A straight 24-year-old man from a traditional Mexican family, joining a gay mariachi band?” he thought to himself. He would soon realize it would change his life for the better. Follow:

Journalism in the height of the #MeToo movement

Share: The New Yorker gave Deborah Ramirez a platform to speak. Yes, Ramirez used anonymous sources to backup her claims. No, it doesn’t make the New Yorker or the writers, Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer, any less credible. And here’s why: this societal and justice system was set up to disenfranchise survivors of sexual, emotional and physical abuse while simultaneously protecting abusers. The New Yorker gave her a platform—a voice. Follow:

First come, first served: Transfer student struggles

Share: Transfer students struggle with difficulties achieving higher education, whether it be due to socioeconomic status, learning disabilities or other factors, in addition to being overlooked by four-year universities who regularly prioritize first-year students. However, recently these four-year universities have changed their misguided priorities by beginning to give equal opportunity to transfer students. Follow:

PCC Eco fair: Change starts with the individual

Share: PCC’s Associated Students (AS) hosted their first eco fair, Hippy Hop, at the mirror pools this past Thursday, consisting of educational workshops and informative booths by a vegan outreach group, an international humanitarian organization and members of the AS sustainability committee. The purpose behind the event was to educate people about the severity in which the planet is being destroyed. Event coordinator Samantha Salomon explained this further in her presentation about plastic and pollution. Salomon discussed the rapidly growing “trash islands” which are phenomenons …