In a world filled with discrimination, prejudice and hatred seemingly everywhere we look, one particular club at PCC offers an exception by providing a comfortable, accepting space where people you can relate to are there to support you.

The Queer Alliance (QA) club is a safe, supportive and discriminatory-free place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people, also known as LGBT members. QA is a place where LGBT members or supporters on campus can unite and co-exist in a safe and comfortable environment amongst others.

“When you’re in a community of kids who are dealing with college and being queer,” Queer Alliance board member Gabrielle Rodriguez said. “You know you’re not alone dealing with multiple things at once.”

Being a college student dealing with school or work, or your home life may be a bit hard, and if you’re also dealing with personal things like your sexuality and parts of your identity, it’s nice to have people around that you can relate to. Although it is the 21st century, sexual identity is sometimes a sensitive subject and people are still ridiculed and and judged for who they are while they are not still comfortable with their own identities. Which is why being surrounded by people who are similar can be support and reassurance that you’re not alone.

“I think that throughout the time I’ve been a part of Queer Alliance, it has really shaped me and others like me, as well as made a great impact on our school and community,” Queer Alliance president Luis Alfaro said via email.

Alfaro personally feels that QA is a place where students can be themselves without fear of judgment, and hopes to continue the club in that sense. He feels that it will be very beneficial because when he joined the club, he felt very comforted being surrounded by others who were like him, and wants to keep that comfort going for newcomers.

QA’s goal is to promote advocacy and action towards bettering human rights with an emphasis on LGBT+ issues, to promote awareness and education in regards to the history and current issues facing the LGBT+ community, and to build coalition with clubs and organizations both on and off campus.

QA recently had one of their first events, the “LGBTQ Faculty, Staff and Student Mixer.” It was held on Tuesday, Sept. 20. The vibe in the room was very cheerful and full of excitement. It was full of pervious members of QA and people who potentially wanted to join; the room was also full of all staff and faculty that support QA and LGBT members.

One of the many fun things that QA does is that they hold an annual “Gay Prom,” which is a big full out dance that happens in the spring. It is a great event for the QA members and anyone in the LGBT community to enjoy themselves in a prom specifically catered to them.

The QA club meets every Thursday from noon to 1 pm in Annex 01. They discuss LGBT topics, promote awareness and education about LGBT issues, and are always welcoming to newcomers.9

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