Prioritizing fast food workers over healthcare workers is ridiculous

Share: Governor Gavin Newsom has recently signed in a new law raising the minimum wage for healthcare workers to be bumped to $25 an hour that will come into effect in 2026. Our healthcare workers need better pay, and it shouldn’t be a 2 year waiting game. This new bill will come into effect following a minimum wage hike for fast food workers to $20 an hour, as brought to light in an article by the Office of the Governor on Sep 28, 2023. It …

Opioid victims need help, not handcuffs

Share: The sinister scythe that is the opioid crisis within the United States continues to reap the lives of our loved ones, has amassed a body count surpassing the Vietnam War, and remains largely unchecked, if not encouraged by laws passed in the interest of personal gain, our collective naivete in regards to the subject and the inhumane yet popular public sentiment that those who use drugs do not deserve help. Follow: