Huawei’s caught in US v. China trade war

The Trump administration had issued an order that had barred American firms from selling components and software to Huawei on the basis that its ties with the Chinese government makes them a national security risk to the U.S. Huawei’s placement on the entity list has taken a real shot to their business, but if this escalation in the U.S. versus China trade war continues, everyone loses.

Police Blotter

Monday, April 29,2019 Report of a collision between two vehicles on Hill and Colorado. No injuries reported. Report of an instructor being offered prescription drugs by a student. Report of a vehicle scratched in Lot 5 Level 1 Student advises their vehicle might have been hit while parked in Lot 5 level 3 Mother of PCC student reporting her daughter has not returned home from school and has not communicated with her since the morning. Mother concerned because her daughter suffers from mental issues and …