The world’s first LGBTQ mariachi group welcomes PCC student

Share: When Pasadena City College student Leandro Orozco was contacted to join as a bassist for Mariachi Arcoíris, the first LGBTQ mariachi band in the world, he was hesitant. “A straight 24-year-old man from a traditional Mexican family, joining a gay mariachi band?” he thought to himself. He would soon realize it would change his life for the better. Follow:

Courier Chat: EOP&S with Alyssa Hernandez

Share: This week, Sam and Grace talk to former Courier writer Alyssa Hernandez about the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, or EOP&S for short, on campus and about how it has helped and how it has hindered her college career. Have something you want us to talk about on the podcast? Want to appear as a guest or have your story told? Email us!: Follow:

Holiday Angels celebration grants wishes to children of students

Share: Associated Students (AS) is giving back to children of student parents this holiday season through their Holiday Angels benefit. The Holiday Angels tree, located in the Office of Student Life, boasts 100 cards with wishes on them from the children of students in PCC’s EOP&S, CALWORKS and PASS programs. There are three gift wishes on each card, along with the child’s first name, age and gender. All wishes are items between $10 and $25. The gift requests range from warm clothes and learning activities …

Students’ guide to first-year social success

Share: Within the spacious and diverse walls of the Center for the Arts, lies a stage imprinted with the birth of confidence. The stage sits bare, its focal point a young woman, glamorously donned in street attire, wearing nerves as her accessories. Though only two sit in the audience, this is her most significant performance yet. As she opens her mouth to sing,her attention is not on the empty seats or her own two feet. Instead, she settles her gaze on one set of eyes. …

Foster youth programs give students a place to heal and grow

Share: As overwhelming as college can be, students in foster care with no family support can find an exclusive community at PCC where their different challenges share a common thread.. Scholars Transitioning and Realizing Success (STARS) and Careregivers of Foster Youth (CAFYES) are two foster youth programs that aim to serve as a safe haven for previous and current foster youth students, helping them reach their dreams, goals, and potential. Follow: