For PCC community, Chauvin’s verdict is a building block for racial justice

Share: As the guilty verdict rang out three times through the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis, the 11 month pursuit of justice for police brutality victim George Floyd reached a degree of closure. However, Black Lives Matter advocates urge the public to see the verdict as an elemental step towards true justice rather than a final one.  Follow:

Ballot Watch: How did California vote on propositions?

Share: Last Updated: Wednesday Nov. 11, 5:00 p.m. Amid a heated and drawn out presidential race, California saw results on some of its contentious 2020 ballot propositions. Here is how Californian’s voted on state initiatives.  Prop. 14: Passed California voters passed Proposition 71 in 2004 creating the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and allotting the institution $3 billion for stem cell research. As those funds are diminishing, Prop. 14 seeks to regenerate money for the institute and expand its research to other causes such as …