The Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOP&S) program here at PCC is a major resource for those in need of academic and financial assistance who may not be familiar with its existence.

The program has been serving financially and educationally disadvantaged students since its establishment in 1969 as part of the Title 5 Initiative, which sought to provide campus resources to students in dire need.

The program offers many different resources, including financial aid support, text-book vouchers, scholarship assistance, priority registration, tutoring, and various workshops for students.

According to Dr. Maribel Morales, advisor and graduate of the program, EOP&S has much more to offer than what is initially brought to students’ attention.

“[Students] become part of a family, we reach out to connect with them,” said Morales. “The purpose of the program is to increase the quality of student’s lives.”

The familial environment created by the program has offered a place of refuge for students facing daily struggles.

“When I feel discouraged or need support, EOP&S has given me a support system on campus,” said student Anthony Hayes in an interview.

While providing monetary assistance, the program also offers academic counseling, which keeps students on their path to reaching their academic goals.

“EOP&S has helped me personally with counseling,” said student Jestin Willard in an interview. “They pointed me in the right direction, relating my interests with a degree.”

The program’s staff works to keep students living with the fewest complications in their personal lives as possible as a means to increase the chances of them achieving academic success.

The program, which currently consists of 850 students, is looking forward to expanding its reach to students in the future.

“[The] plan is to grow,” said Morales.

To meet EOP&S eligibility requirements, Lancers must be enrolled full time, receive the Board of Governors Waiver, and must not have completed more than 45 units of degree applicable credit work.

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