The Lancers pushed through the 2018 season with several successful streaks, and had momentum going into the playoffs.

The Lancers struggled when they hit a losing streak, but with 5 home runs and 26 wins, the Lancers pulled through and and gave it their best. They are now confident and excited for the following season.

“Last year we had a successful season, we were happy to go,” said coach Monica Tantlinger, “this year we were expected to succeed and we did.”

Tantlinger says that she is currently recruiting for the following season, and she will be returning as coach next year for her 6th season.

Getting a spot in the playoffs was crucial for the Lancers to consider this year a success. Amanda Flores, who plays first, described the playoffs as a joyful moment for her. The freshman, stated that she got to participate in the playoffs at her high school and knows how tough it is to get a spot.

It felt really cool to experience back-to-back playoff teams,” said Flores.

Angelica Lopez, Nathalia Velasquez, Angel Wintercorn and Angel Urbina are some of the notable team players of the season.

“AU [Angel Urbina] came in clutch when we needed her the most.” said Flores.

A handful of players are returning next year, however, some are transferring and playing on a university level. Angelica Lopez will be playing for Marymount California University come Fall.

The team achieved a five game winning streak at the beginning of the season. Despite their six game losing streak down the stretch and some injuries that set them back, Tantlinger says the team stayed resilient and finished as strong as they could.

Two players were injured with severe ankle sprains including short stop player, Kaylee Medrano. This lead to both players having to sit out 4-6 crucial games. Additionally, Wintercorn suffered a forearm injury resulting in another disadvantage for the team.

“We had a lot of heart this season, said Lopez. “We were unstoppable.”

Despite their losses and inconveniences, the Lancers managed to pull through and plan to extend their passion into the next season.


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