Prom King: Decades of pop in one album

Share: Skylar Spence has concocted a fusion of 70s through 2000s pop with his 2015 debut LP “Prom King.” Whimsical synths and soundboards truly make this album defy time. From side A to B Spence takes you through different eras of pop. One moment it’s prom night in ‘72, then a disco club in ‘81. Spence displays howt these genres can be enjoyed in the modern era with a playful twist.  Ryan DeRobertis, also known as his stage name Skylar Spence(formerly Saint Pepsi), made a big …

LA professional curates PCC pieces for juried show

Share: Student artists, parents and friends gathered in the gallery in mass crowds to admire artwork from many types of mediums. Blood on canvas, sculptures, paintings and photography decorated the tall white walls. Guests snacked on cookies and cake while marveling at the art. Chatter filled the room with “congratulations,” and loving hugs greeted artists in front of their displayed creations.  Follow: