Sizzling All Star Jazz heats up full house in Arcadia

Share: As you walk into the Arcadia Blues Club, a small and intimate venue with the lights dimmed and the walls filled with posters of famous musicians like BB King and Jimi Hendrix, tables are set right in front of the small stage for the audience to sit and watch the performers. As the venue continues to fill at 8 o’clock it is show time, and the PCC All Star Band takes the stage. Follow:

Welding students win gold at state

Share: Recently, PCC welding students competed for state at the SkillsUSA competition and won gold in the welding sculpture category while also winning a bronze medal in the welding fabrication team category and silver in SMAW (shield metal arc weld). Back in January, PCC Welding students competed at the regional SkillsUSA competition where they ended up walking away with a gold medal as well. Follow:

Celebrating female veterans in the month of March

Share: For the month of March, women are celebrated all over the world and recognized for all the accomplishments and contributions they have done in the past and present. March is dedicated to every woman for their everyday accomplishments, from being a leader to being a mother and taking care of her family. It is also the month where female Veterans are recognized for their accomplishments while serving. Follow: