An annual day of remembrance: HIV and AIDS is still here

Share: For those of us who lived through the time when the media called it the “Gay Cancer,” who have lived through its terror, and who have been affected by the still present stigma associated with the disease, the existing ignorance on the prevention of the spread of HIV and AIDS, on the medical advances available, on the assistance that is available for those affected, and on the overwhelming numbers of worldwide infections, is still shocking. Follow:

PCC club cancels burning of the ISIS flag

Share: Updated: 6:52 p.m. In an email sent to faculty and staff on Monday, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Alex Boekelhide revealed that the demonstration set for tomorrow will not be taking place. “As always, Pasadena City College takes no position on the substance of any demonstration of constitutionally protected free speech that takes place on our campus,” Boekelhide said. “ As a fundamental part of its educational mission, Pasadena City College supports the free expression of the ideas and opinions of its students, …

Water crisis spurs student contest

When adjunct professor and curator Mahara Sinclaire learned that Artist-in-Residence Sant Khalsa would be having a solo show about the Santa Ana River, Sinclaire thought it would be great if PCC students could also contribute in a project to address the water situation in California. Thus the “Water Issues: A Group Show of 3 Parts” was created.

San Bernardino coverage shows media bias

Share: On Wednesday, Dec. 2, two alleged terrorists walked into a San Bernardino County building and opened fire on their coworkers. Suspects Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married couple, were later killed in a shootout with police. As soon as the alleged suspects were identified, media outlets began labeling the attack an act of terrorism, with the Los Angeles Times splashing the word “terrorism” across its Saturday front page in all caps. Follow:

PCC club challenges school establishment

Share: When the PCC chapter of the national organization Young American for Liberty came to the Inter-Club Council for chartering, which typically accepts clubs en masse and uncritically, ICC members had some questions for YAL’s president, Woodrow Johnston. “Who do you endorse?” “Is this legal?” “What organization are you from again?” Woodrow smiled wide and deftly took questions as three of the things he seemed to most enjoy came together in his very first ICC meeting: political opposition, a captive audience, and the chance to …

The magic of philanthropy around Christmas

Share: “We just got five thousand dollars!” Elaine Cartas exclaimed. The entire room went into an uproar with cheers and all simultaneously shouted “Thank you Scott!” for the donor to hear over the phone. Scott Bell, whose family owns Bryan’s Cleaners nearby, had just donated five thousand dollars to the Pasadena City College Foundation. Tuesday, Dec. 1 wasn’t just an ordinary day; it was also “Giving Tuesday.” It is a nation-wide effort to raise money for charitable needs. This year, the PCC Foundation decided to …

Accrediting commission placed under scrutiny

Share: The accrediting commission that placed Pasadena City College on probation this past summer is now being investigated for not complying with accrediting standards and is expected to revaluate their system for accrediting colleges. In early November, the California Community College Board of Governors (CCCBG) voted to create an accreditation task force and directed the Chancellor’s Office to create a new model for accrediting the 113 colleges in the California Community College system. The Accrediting Commission for Community Colleges (ACCJC) is responsible for executing the …