Katja Liebing/Courier A row of Chevrolet Bel Air's on display at the annual Classic Car Show held at Thorson Motors GMC Buick in Pasadena on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

Over 140 classic cars lined up, parked at Thorson Motors GMC Buick in Pasadena on Sunday for PCC Foundation’s third collaborated show to raise funds for “Student Success.”

The event included live music, In N Out Burgers, a first year raffle that had about $1,100 in prizes, PCC students and alumni, and the PCC Foundation’s staff helping throughout the day for the program.

With this year being their third time doing the car show, the first two year’s proceeds went to the “Dreamkeepers” fund. The Student Success fund will help raise money for scholarships and student opportunities.

Some attendees were automotive students from PCC, who were there to support the Foundation as well as enjoy all the beautiful classic cars. The students were able to meet with owners and have a learning experience where they were able to ask general questions and talk about the cars.

Wendy Lucko, Professor of brakes and suspension at PCC, said car shows are a great place for her students to network with people.

“You learn as much as you want, because if you’re up asking, you can network,” said Lucko. “A lot of these guys will own their own business or paint body shop, so you can actually network with them.”

Joseph Miravite, automotive student at PCC, explained that car shows in general are a great place to learn from older and experienced people who are into cars and know the industry.

“They have the experience and knowledge,” said Miravite. “For students like me who are just starting in the industry, you want to talk to people who have gone through it and have experience.”

One automotive student, Salvador Sanchez, displayed his own 1955 Oldsmobile Super 88 car at the show, thanks Lucko who told him about the car show. With his automotive training at PCC, Sanchez is now getting his Associates Degree in Automotive and plans on being an instructor at PCC one day.

Sanchez named his 1955 Oldsmobile “Elizabeth” and actually has her tattooed on one of his side rib cage, along with a pinup girl. For his car, the majority of his work has been on the engine.

“Most of the stuff I’ve done is in the engine area,” said Sanchez. “I’ve done the carburetor, alternator, water pump, radiator, pretty much everything that will keep it moving.”

Some fun facts about the car are that the air cover for the car inside the engine was pinstriped by “Scratch,” who is famous in his collaboration on pinstriping at the famous “Cars Land” at Disney’s California Adventure, and “Elizabeth” is able to throw out flames from the exhaust with just a switch of a button.

Overall, it was a fun filled event with people who have a passion for beautiful classic cars while rasing money for a good cause at the same time.

“It’s a fun event…a good fundraising event, “said Kristin McPeak, PCC Foundation Director of Operations. “It’s good that the community gets to see us be part of something that’s very important to Pasadena.”

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