‘Joker’: The man underneath the paint

Share: Dark, depressing, and undeniably disturbing, recent movie release “Joker” tells the story of Gotham’s most famous villain in the most melancholic manner. This is an excellent work with cruel and heartbreaking twists that make the skin crawl. Filled to the brim with creepy cringiness, this film will shock and rattle viewers scene after scene. Follow:

LURK brings fast paced political punk music to a new experimental high

Share: Chicago’s quintet LURK has something special for all punks who like to dance in the form of the 2018 7-inch EP “Hi-Fi.”  This fast paced, catchy and brief work is a must listen for anyone looking to get into the punk scene right now. The band explains this record as a “study in high fidelity sound,” and rest assured they are not joking. Recorded and mixed in the Bricktop Recording studio by Andy Nelson who produces for Jesus Piece and Weekend Nachos, this album …

Grayscale’s ‘Nella Vita’ causes mascara to run and bodies to dance

Share: Pop-punk project Grayscale shows listeners the happy-sad side of life in their third full length record “Nella Vita.” Really leaning into the pop side of the genre, the Philly quintet delivers 39 minutes of nonstop ups and downs. Grayscale gets personal with the audience, discussing drug abuse, heartbreak, and welcoming death. Several steps have been taken from the pop-punk roots of this project, their sound has bloomed into something much deeper and complex. While Grayscale’s art has never been simple, “Nella Vita” takes leaps …

Fiddlehead bellows out a heartfelt message about losing loved lives

Share: Post-hardcore quintet, Fiddlehead, guides listeners through a bumpy and emotional ride in the form of their first LP, “Springtime and Blind.” They are quite the supergroup, consisting of Patrick Flynn and Shawn Costa of Have Heart, Alex Henery of Basement, as well as members from Big Contest and Intent. This album is raw and melancholic, focusing on the loss of Flynn’s father. “Springtime and Blind” is an extremely personal work that dives deep into the impact of the death of a loved one. Flynn …

E-cigs offer brand new fruity flavored fatalities

Share: While intended to help smokers fight addiction, e-cigarettes have an undeniable appeal to youth and first time smokers. It does not solve the problem of cigarette addiction. E-cigarettes are dangerous due to their appeal, how addictive they themselves can be, and the content within them. For these reasons, the use of electronic cigarette products should be banned. Follow:

Sharptooth’s “Clever Girl” gnaws and claws at listener’s ears

Share: Sharptooth’s freshman album “Clever Girl” is a fantastic piece of aggressive feminist art that is not afraid to be direct and mean. This American co-ed hardcore quintet seeks to provide new sound in the hardcore scene through the femme lense. With front woman Lauren Kashan and half of the band identifying themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community, this troop breaths and bleeds liberal minded ideals. This album calls for progress and will make sure its voice is heard.  Follow:

Turnover’s soothing melodies caress listeners into their happy places

Share: Looking for a de-stresser, study music or an album to fall asleep to? Look no further. Virginia Beach quartet, Turnover, offers the 2017 LP “Good Nature.” It is filled to the brim with dreamy guitar melodies, hazy vocals and simple rhythm that feels like a warm SoCal breeze. Compared to their sophomore release, “Peripheral Vision” that is covered in messages of loathing and sadness, Turnover does a total 180 degree turn, lyrically. Giving messages of peace and shady trees, this dream pop LP will …

“Good Boys”: A naughty journey through adolescence

Share: The birds and the bees talk? The first kiss? Running out of a frat house with a fist full of drugs after assaulting the members of delta sig? “Good Boys” is a solid movie to see for a gut busting laugh, a worrisome cringe, a flash of childhood and growing up. The film allows for the audience to relive painfully embarrassing childhood memories and remember times when life was just a little simpler.  Follow: