Photo Illustration by David Olvera

Looking for a de-stresser, study music or an album to fall asleep to? Look no further. Virginia Beach quartet, Turnover, offers the 2017 LP “Good Nature.” It is filled to the brim with dreamy guitar melodies, hazy vocals and simple rhythm that feels like a warm SoCal breeze. Compared to their sophomore release, “Peripheral Vision” that is covered in messages of loathing and sadness, Turnover does a total 180 degree turn, lyrically. Giving messages of peace and shady trees, this dream pop LP will have listeners in a trance. Offering slow and low songs such as “Pure Devotion” and groovy jams like “Bonnie (Rhythm and Melody),” “Good Nature” sounds like a sunset at the beach.

The track “Sunshine Type,” mumbled by frontman Austin Getz, speaks on the desire to escape the cold rain and enter the warm sunlight. With lyrics like, “I know that the rain falls hard when it falls and I know you’re more of the relaxing in the sunshine type of person,” “Good Nature” is breezy on the surface. Common themes include running away with someone, the warmth of the sun, and beaches. While light hearted, this mellow piece offers advice and time to clear one’s head.

Track number ten, “Living Small,” gives the message to let go of things and people that are toxic. “I could just take a little bit less/I could just take it slow and be here now for a moment/I know I’ve been away for awhile/I know I’ve been forgetting/What it’s like when I let it.” Getz, who let go of using drugs and alcohol, expressed that these were not substances he used anymore. They caused him loneliness and fatigue and distracted him from the present moment. One can have fun by being in the here and now with enjoyable people.

“Good Nature” gives the listener an oasis of relaxing, dreamy instrumentals to get lost in. With cloudy vocals that melt into the ears, Turnover offers lyrics about self-care, love, and beach carnivals to remind one to take a step back once in a while. Take a break and claim a clear headspace— enter good nature.

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