Chicago’s quintet LURK has something special for all punks who like to dance in the form of the 2018 7-inch EP “Hi-Fi.”  This fast paced, catchy and brief work is a must listen for anyone looking to get into the punk scene right now. The band explains this record as a “study in high fidelity sound,” and rest assured they are not joking. Recorded and mixed in the Bricktop Recording studio by Andy Nelson who produces for Jesus Piece and Weekend Nachos, this album strangely sounds familiar and experimental all at once.

Nelson’s previous projects have been brutally heavy, filled to the brim with punishing breakdowns and blood curdling vocals, but not this time. While still aggressive and punchy, LURK and Nelson offer something a bit more graceful. They give listeners a unique blend of high instrumental technicality with ridiculously fast pacing makes for a great quick listen.”Hi-Fi” is short and sweet, clocking in at 9 minutes and 38 seconds of opinions on American political tension, military aggression and what effects the national government can have on your local community. The last track “Voice” is particularly aggressive on this point.  

“You want to talk about the guns/You wanna talk about the cops/You gotta stop it stop it/Understand you gotta beat it beat it,” chants Kevin Kiley, the vocalist of LURK.  

This work is a commentary on the political melting point that this country has reached within these recent years. It portrays frustration and desperation with the current system in use. LURK tells the listeners that it is up to them and their neighbors to speak up against injustice and inequality.

LURK offers sound that is unique and experimental, but not so far off that one feels lost. “Hi-Fi” is in that perfect sweet spot of strangely familiar. With vocals that sound like distorted modern day Sex Pistols and traditional, fast paced chaotic punk instrumental, “Hi-Fi” gives everyone a new experience that they can relish. 

With hardcore elements that will cause speakers to tremble, riffs that will cause ears to perk and melodies that will cause feet to dance, this album flows from one song to the next like water and then it’s spinning again and again.


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