Sharptooth’s freshman album “Clever Girl” is a fantastic piece of aggressive feminist art that is not afraid to be direct and mean. This American co-ed hardcore quintet seeks to provide new sound in the hardcore scene through the femme lense. With front woman Lauren Kashan and half of the band identifying themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community, this troop breaths and bleeds liberal minded ideals. This album calls for progress and will make sure its voice is heard. 

Right from the get go “Clever Girl” is brutal and filled to the brim with demolishing instrumental and siren-like vocals. This album never gives the listener a break; from one track to the next, it is nothing but pure and distilled anger. Track 1 of the LP  “Rude Awakening” begins with a threatening poem given in spoken word from Kashan. This poem explains that Kashan is going to share her frustrations with listeners. She is going to scream and growl all the problems away, and you better listen.    

Sharptooth is not afraid to get in your face and tell you that the world is in turmoil. From lyrics discussing gay rights, misogyny, sexual assault, brown and black lives, and several other tragedies, Sharptooth offers a home to victims of these crimes in their music. They understand the anger and they make their music monstrously furious to combat these issues. 

Track number 5 “Can I Get A Hell No” is particularly aggressive on the points of feminism and the objectification of women. “Yes all women endure words that make us feel afraid/So while I’m minding my business I do not want to hear your comments/Because when you tell me that I should smile it really makes me want to vomit.” Lyrically this song is simply spiteful and nasty. Kashan explains that catcalls are not flattering. What clothes women wear should not change how men treat them and she’s more than fed up with it. 

Instrumentally this song is essentially one long punishing breakdown. Overflowing with chugs and deep bass, this track is absolutely out of control. 

Determined to blowout your speakers, “Clever Girl” is the ideal listen for frustrated minorities. Sharptooth takes a bite out of the system in place. In their eyes the world is an unfair place and people are mistreated for being different. Sharptooth wants listeners to get angry, to question oppression, and beat the patriarchy bloody.  

Favorite Track: “Left 4 Dead”

Recommended Track: “Clever Girl” 

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