Seaway’s ‘Colour Blind’: Fun, fresh, frisky

Share: Ontario quintet Seaway delivers the true meaning of funky and fun in their 2015 LP “Colour Blind.” From side A to B the zest and glee never stops, every song on this record provokes a smile. The pop-punk genre has long been a dying one, but Seaway is here with a defibrillator to jump start the scene all over again. By using a plethora of power chords, some trashy lead vocals and chanty choruses, “Colour Blind” crashes into the listener’s ear with a slice of …

Second generation immigrant pens own American Dream

Share: “A writer. I want to be a writer.” I’m met with shocked silence, hesitant smiles, nervous laughs. They asked me questions and delicately danced around the topic. No, I’m not joking. Yes, I’m sure that this is what I want to do. No, I don’t think I’ll change my mind. Of course I’m not trying to disappoint you—that’s the last thing I want to do. Their pained expressions stayed plastered on their faces. Follow:

K-pop supergroup SuperM has a not so super debut

Share: EXO, NCT, WayV and SHINee are four of the largest boy groups in the world. A few months back, South Korean entertainment company SM Entertainment announced the formation of a supergroup called SuperM, featuring Kai and Baekhyun of EXO, Taemin of SHINee, Taeyong and Mark from NCT and Lucas and Ten from WayV. Calling themselves the “Avengers of K-Pop,” SuperM released their self-titled EP to a very mediocre reception.  Follow:

Courier Convos: Dispelling Magical Misconceptions

Share: In this episode, anthropology professor Derek Milne deconstructs stereotypes regarding religion, magic and witchcraft and explains the participatory transformation of Halloween.   Intro music provided by: Waltz Of The Skeleton Keys by WombatNoisesAudio | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Follow:

Pasadena’s Latino parade: The ‘glorious’ folklorico festival

Share: The warm morning sun highlighted vibrant pops of color on traditional Latinx dress being worn by young people in Pasadena’s Washington Park. PCC’s marching band rehearsed on Prescott Street to warm up their instruments. Members of a youth dance troupe twirled in place. Drivers stood near shiny restored classic low-rider vehicles on nearby North Los Robles Avenue, ready to carry local officials and dignitaries on the route. Follow: