‘Hustlers’ offers only a tease

Share: “Hustlers” rustled up a strong premiere this past weekend, earning $33.2 million, but despite the film being a great way to spend a couple of hours watching an all-female cast imitate Robin Hood, it lacks the depth and cohesion found in its comparable predecessor, “Ocean’s 8.” While “Hustlers” breaks open the dark underbelly of corporate men during the recession of 2008, it offers shallow fun and character chemistry issues. So, why watch it? Follow:

Turnover’s soothing melodies caress listeners into their happy places

Share: Looking for a de-stresser, study music or an album to fall asleep to? Look no further. Virginia Beach quartet, Turnover, offers the 2017 LP “Good Nature.” It is filled to the brim with dreamy guitar melodies, hazy vocals and simple rhythm that feels like a warm SoCal breeze. Compared to their sophomore release, “Peripheral Vision” that is covered in messages of loathing and sadness, Turnover does a total 180 degree turn, lyrically. Giving messages of peace and shady trees, this dream pop LP will …

PCC crushes the week with club rush

Share: One after another, tables filled the quad of PCC; welcoming individuals with upbeat music, dancing, free goodies, and colorful snow cones to fight off the heat. In hopes to attract new club members, club rush week on campus allows students to gather and eat with their friends while wandering around to see if anything grasps their interest. With sign up sheet after signup sheet, surely there is a club for everyone. Follow:

Kamala Harris takes softer approach on criminal justice reform

Share: Senator Kamala Harris of California released her criminal justice reform plan last Monday on her campaign website. Falling right into what Democrats want to hear, her plan is a hopeful copy-and-paste of what many Americans desire. It is comprehensive and too good to be something she may accomplish for those suffering in the justice system. Follow:

Gun control: Government inaction forces retailers reaction

Share: A tipping point in the everlasting debate for gun control may have arrived on the heels of the El Paso shootings. Walmart, among other large retailers, has banned open carry in their stores, as well as discontinued sales of ammunition and handguns. In response, the NRA and other American citizens against gun control have boycotted stores across the nation. As the fight for or against gun control rages on, where is our government? Follow:

One person, one vote: The electoral college must die!

Share: A couple of weeks back, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes went on a bit of a tirade on his show “All in with Chris Hayes”, denouncing the electoral college in all its unfair, undemocratic glory. Hayes said that in the past seven elections, the Republican party only acquired the popular vote on a single occasion — during former president George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004 — and yet due to the electoral college the Republican party managed to secure three presidential wins out of those seven. …