University day: Students seek their future stay

Share: Students huddled around booths as university day made its way to the mirror pools on campus. Banners and music surrounded the atmosphere, attracting passersby as well as those aware of the event. From stickers to boat races, students had the chance to win prizes as they walked along the crowd gathering brochures and lanyards from universities of their interest. Follow:

Wanderlust satisfies your lust for exotic ice cream

Share: The line steadily grew as the sun set over Old Town Pasadena. Due to the growing sidewalk traffic, the ushers decided it would be wise to coax the crowd to the opposite side of the building. Indignant horns began to blare when an influx of young people suddenly began to crowd the already cramped alleyway. The ruckus inevitably drew the attention of people on the prowl for dinner—many stopping to ask the reason why there was such a line. The Wanderlust Creamery had arrived …