Opioid victims need help, not handcuffs

Share: The sinister scythe that is the opioid crisis within the United States continues to reap the lives of our loved ones, has amassed a body count surpassing the Vietnam War, and remains largely unchecked, if not encouraged by laws passed in the interest of personal gain, our collective naivete in regards to the subject and the inhumane yet popular public sentiment that those who use drugs do not deserve help. Follow:

Barbie is exploiting Frida Kahlo’s legacy

Share: Her portrait adorns socks, purses, T-shirts, jewelry and even a distasteful tequila line. Now, the latest tarnish on the legacy of Frida Kahlo comes in the form of a Barbie doll. Last week, Mattel released the controversial new doll bearing the late artist’s name and likeness as part of their “Inspiring Women” collection. Setting aside the claims from Kahlo’s family that the corporation doesn’t have the rights to use her image, the Frida doll does not represent the woman Kahlo was or the values …

Police Blotter: Student reported for graphic drawings depicting gun violence

Share: Monday, March 12 Two subjects were seen walking on the football field with flashlights. The subjects were looking for a lost item and were asked to leave. A vendor in the quad reported his poster was taken from the area. The vendor was not desirous of a report; information was taken. A student reported his vehicle was struck while parked in Lot 5. Tuesday, March 13th A diabetic subject refusing assistance in controlling her low blood sugar in the R building was reported. The …

State of California will no longer fully fund U-Building project

Share: The progress to get work done on the Armen Sarafian Hall (also known as the U building) has been dealt a number of blows in recent weeks. The full support of the project from the government has been derailed, and the school is hoping that the state will change its mind before the May Revise when the governor’s proposed budget from January gets an update before it is signed into law by the end of June. Follow:

PCC organizations fight to de-stigmatize mental health

Share: In light of the student suicide last semester, and amidst stigmatized conversations about mental health following the recent school shootings, Associated Students and Student Health services collaborated last week on the second Mental Health Awareness week of the school year. The events included showings of Pixar’s “Inside Out” and the documentary film “A New State of Mind,” as well as a mindfulness workshop that was held in the Circadian. “It’s very important that we let those students know what can be done to help …

Award winning ESL professor teaches through tech

Share: As a college professor and a mother of a 10 year old daughter, Catherine Datko understands how important technology is. From having to use a typewriter to write her papers in college, to now having a cellular device where papers can be written from one’s fingertips, Datko has witnessed the constant improvements technology has had within the past decade. She has always been passionate in helping people which is why she became an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, and through her testimonies …

‘Delicate’ music video: ‘You must like me for me’

Share: Taylor Swift is unfortunately all too familiar with the downside of entertainment media and its fantastic ability to make every little thing seem like the world’s biggest catastrophe. In her new video for her latest single, “Delicate,” Swift attempts to give her audience a glimpse of why she decided to hide under the limelight for this past year and what the new experience has been like for her. Follow: