While Green Earth Vegan Cuisine is a vegan restaurant, this place makes the perceived veggie diet somewhat palatable to the omnivore, offering a variety of dishes like salads and smoothies along with burgers and pasta – just veganized.

Inside, the pale light green walls are bare and the layout of the eatery is simple. Books on display prominently against the back wall boast about the benefits of a vegan diet and discuss how animals are friends, not food.

The booth seats are well lived in with rips in the fabric and there are a couple of dings in the wall, but there is a tablecloth on the table and cloth napkins folded neatly on our plates.

The restaurant was quiet, which drew attention to the eclectic genres of music coming from the speakers. The songs filling the silence varied from Elton John, Journey, country music and what resembled a Disney movie soundtrack.

The lone waiter working suggested the popular quinoa fiesta, which he described as “American spicy” and suitable for the heat-sensitive. It is a warm salad which consists of sauteed bell peppers, oyster mushrooms, pumpkin, zucchini, tofu and kale over a bed of organic quinoa. Living up to its “nutrient-dense” description, this dish definitely tasted healthy, but not in a bad way.

The quinoa sushi replaced the predictable rice with quinoa and fish with carrots, cucumber, avocado, portobello mushroom and alfalfa sprouts which were all wrapped up in seaweed. The various textures were entertaining, but in all honesty the large amount of quinoa being ingested became tiresome.

For a drink I had the strawberry delight smoothie which was a meal all in itself. More strawberry than banana, the smoothie’s taste and texture were like that of a tart strawberry sorbet and took the role of a refreshing palate cleanser while switching between bites of food orders.

The next item on the menu for tasting was the chick-un burger which all in all was unbelievably average. The soy “chicken” tasted like a burger sized McDonald’s chicken nugget; rubbery, greasy, fried goodness, but the rest of the burger unfortunately fell flat. My biggest disappointment was the less-than-desirable looking avocado found lurking in between the burger and bun. Good avocado can add so much to a dish, yet a bad avocado can detract immensely. Unfortunately the latter occurred.

For dessert was the oreo cheesecake, a fantastic combination of flavors, therefore my hopes were high. But sadly, the cheesecake to oreo ratio was troublesome as was the soggy and insubstantial crust. The dessert was a mere shell compared to my expectations.

Although offering a variety of foods and providing a quick and affordable meal, Green Earth Vegan Cuisine does fall short on dishes where there is a lot of potential. I give it a C grade.

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