Consulting firm dropped after unsuccessful president search

Share: After choosing an expensive search firm, with less experience and fewer guarantees than others, PCC had to declare a failed, or unsuccessful, search after it witnessed its three finalists for president drop out of consideration. As a result, the college terminated its partnership with the search firm prematurely, bringing PCC back to square one in the process of finding a new superintendent-president. Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT), the consulting firm chosen by the PCC Board of Trustees (BOT) to conduct this past year’s unsuccessful presidential …

‘The Mountaintop’ successfully spotlights MLK’s humanity

Share: On the sleek and spacious stage of the Westerbeck Recital Hall, an actor playing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. makes a number of flirty advances towards a young woman who is not his wife. Soon the actor playing the young woman begins to talk about the speech that she would make if she were in the shoes of Dr. King as he listens intently, encouraging her to share it with him. Follow:

Trump’s unilateral war power will cause global chaos

Share: On Friday April 13, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom launched airstrikes against a number of targets across Syria after the strikes were ordered by US President Donald Trump in response to the Syrian Regime’s use of chemical weapons to kill civilians. The strikes show just how much power the office of the President now hoards over military decisions. The ability of the President to launch military strikes at any time and in any country without any oversight or accountability is dangerous …

Why Americans who care about social justice should care about Palestine

Share: In August 2014, a young black man named Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri and the city exploded in grief. Almost immediately after Brown was killed, scores of protesters took to the streets to demand accountability and an end to police murders of black men in the United States. Outfitted in full military gear, the police responded to the growing community protest with clouds of tear gas launched from armored vehicles, assault rifles pointed at unarmed citizens, and …

Undocumented student-activists need fellow students support

Share: Members of the PCC community are fearful of being abducted from our collective home. These classmates who we sit next to, friends who we laugh with and staff members who we look to for help, are being threatened by a force that has the power to stalk, imprison, and exile. That force is the federal government under the Trump administration, a body which has variously proven it has no moral qualms about separating families. Follow: