PCC student, veteran, father determined to make the world a better place

After ten years of serving this country as a U.S. army 1-28 infantryman, PCC student Tomas Domingo has yet to stop doing everything in his power to help those in need. While working towards his degree in political science, he is also busy hashing out a plan to create a cost-free school for the children in his hometown in Guatemala, where families are stricken with poverty and the line between education and financial burden is non-existent.

Veteran, student, biologist, and geneticist: in that order

Comus Hardman is an approachable and friendly person. He met his girlfriend while attending a PCC ballroom dance class. He studied biology with fervor. He has served in the U.S. Navy. His sights are set high with wanting to become a geneticist, but that bright future doesn’t seem like such a far off dream. Hardman, a 25-year-old Navy veteran, is one of the few individuals to be awarded the Veteran’s Posse Scholarship. The scholarship offers a full ride to a top-level university to high school …