Blotter: Missing student’s case taken over by Inglewood Police

Share: Monday, Oct 24 A homeless person sleeping in the doorway on the Green Street side of the Child Development Center was escorted off the campus. A man in his 40s was reported aggressively panhandling, grabbed at the reporter and exchanged words in Lot 4, level 2. He was heading eastbound on Del Mar Boulevard and was gone on officer’s arrival. A student’s purse was stolen while it was left unattended on the track at the stadium. $600 worth of fertilizer that had been missing …

Mass deportation will lead to massive catastrophe

Share: Children wailing for their parents in social services offices, families being pushed out of their homes and shoved into buses by police authorities, immigration offices and courtrooms flooded with people and desperation. This is what America would look like if Trump’s promise to deport its 11 million undocumented immigrants is kept with his election as president. Follow:

‘The Rape Show’: raising awareness until no really means no

Share: Being a young woman in college, my personal awareness of the imminent possibility of sexual assault was certainly heightened after witnessing the awe-inspiring intensity that is “The Rape Show.” The reality of it was nearly too much to bear as I quickly walked across the dimly lit campus of PCC to my car, clutching my key in my hand and hoping that any sinister figures lurking in the shadows would stay away. Though its purpose was not to scare its audience, the show did …

PCC student, veteran, father determined to make the world a better place

Share: After ten years of serving this country as a U.S. army 1-28 infantryman, PCC student Tomas Domingo has yet to stop doing everything in his power to help those in need. While working towards his degree in political science, he is also busy hashing out a plan to create a cost-free school for the children in his hometown in Guatemala, where families are stricken with poverty and the line between education and financial burden is non-existent. Follow: