Trump’s animal advocacy is fake news

Nov. 2019 was a bright year for animals nationwide when President Donald Trump passed the PACT (Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture) Act, but not for animals worldwide since they are paying the price for this facade. For the first time in United States history, a law was passed making animal cruelty a federal felony. The PACT Act strictly protects companion animals within the U.S. which left many people asking, what about other mammals around the world? Most shocking is the fact that President Trump passed …

Bloomberg may be rich, but he’s a poor choice

Michael Bloomberg, the 12th wealthiest man in the world, seems to think he can buy his way into the Oval Office. His advertisements are incessant, and his budget appears to have no ceiling. But simply having money does not mean Bloomberg is entitled to the Democratic nomination, especially when he has spent his career supporting racist policies and harassing women that work for him. The billionaire former Mayor of New York City is personally funding his own presidential campaign, and has already spent a staggering …

People won’t surrender their guns…still

This past week, the U.S. experienced multiple mass shootings within a four day span, with two of them happening within 24 hours of each other. When one shooting occurs, more shootings follow. These recent shootings have brought the attention back once again to the never ending debate of gun control. Shootings in the United States aren’t a surprise to anyone anymore, people are constantly saying “enough is enough,” however, 375 mass shootings later, it still isn’t.

McCain: Military man, merciless maverick

As a combat veteran and fellow purple heart recipient it was quite difficult to not root for the late Senator John Sidney McCain III. McCain had a military record to be admired and served in public office for nearly four decades. He was an independent man, a maverick, and did what he felt was right and just. He selflessly served this country and its citizens up until his last days.

America’s responsibility to refugees

The United States is, by composition, a nation of immigrants and a nation of refugees. The Pilgrims exodus in hopes of finding a place to safely practice their religion is at the heart of American identity. Since its inception the U.S. has been a safe haven for those fleeing oppression and death, for those who sought to create a life for themselves of their own accord.