Nov. 2019 was a bright year for animals nationwide when President Donald Trump passed the PACT (Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture) Act, but not for animals worldwide since they are paying the price for this facade.

For the first time in United States history, a law was passed making animal cruelty a federal felony. The PACT Act strictly protects companion animals within the U.S. which left many people asking, what about other mammals around the world? Most shocking is the fact that President Trump passed the law after news surfaced that some of his children are active trophy hunters. His son, Donald Trump Jr is among the most ruthless of all.

What the Trump family doesn’t realize is that the slaughter of these mammals affects more than the animals alone. Because trophy hunting continues to rise as a sport many species are on the verge of extinction. Trophy hunting not only focuses on rare species but also targets high-quality males as the greatest price. This practice often limits the reproduction rate and then directly affects other animals who consume them, leading more species to starvation and extinction. With entire species disappearing on earth, our ecosystem is often unstable due to the constant adjustments to the environment.

In the past, photos have surfaced of Donald Trump Jr posing with the dead carcasses of majestic animals that he killed himself. Not only is Trump Jr killing mammals who contribute to their local ecosystems, but he pays top dollar to do so. Taxpayer funds perhaps?

Another fact that people often don’t know is that Trump Jr is a huge fan and active participant of trophy hunting. Most recently Trump Jr and Safari Club international auctioned-off a week-long, yacht based hunting exhibition of the Sitka Black-Tailed Deer which sold for $150,000.00.

Trump Jr’s recent auction has earned him and his partners’ thousands of dollars but leaves innocent animals to pay the highest price of all, death. Eyebrows raised when President Trump, finally decided to classify heinous crimes of cruelty towards animals as federal felonies because of his family’s long history of poacher-like ways, making his stance undoubtedly hypocritical.

But, if the president had any ethics, he would know that he can’t vow to protect cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles with the PACT Act when he can’t even stop his own son from murdering treasured animal species in the wild. According to The Guardian, Trump Jr killed an endangered Argali sheep in Mongolia in the summer of 2019 after he paid for a special permit which, “experts say is based on money, connections, and politics.” Trump clearly believes that his family and rich friends do not have to abide by any laws, nor any morality code. Meaning that certain people are above the law, if and when they pay the right price.

Another deceitful move on Trump’s behalf is the reversal of progress made by President Obama when he loosened the regulations on importing hunting trophies. According to the New York Times, the U.S. lifted its ban on some big-game trophies including Elephant tusks and Lion hides under the Trump Administration. This reversal was especially shocking because it contradicts previous statements made by Trump when he endorsed Obama’s restrictions on such imports, once again making his stance on animal rights seem like a masquerade.

“I didn’t want elephants killed and stuffed and have the tusks brought back into this [country],” said president Trump in Jul. 2018 during an interview with broadcaster Piers Morgan.

Such back and forth between the difference in Trump’s statements and his actions only adds further confusion to animal advocates worldwide, raising the final question; is President Trump a true animal advocate or a complete fraud?

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