New football coach’s approach: ‘Always better together’

A half empty office with a host of motivational coaching books on the shelves, loud speaker, scattered sheets of paper, photos of former players, and several paintings from his kids with one saying, “Daddy we’re your #1 fans!” awaits Robert Tucker. It’s what you expect from a coach who was hired June 16 for the impending season that may or may not kick off because of the pandemic. 

BLM: PCC athletes join the pros in push for equality

On Mar. 13, 2020, Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in Louisville, Kentucky, when police officers enacted a no-knock warrant on her apartment. Her death was only brought to light with the murder of George Floyd, and while the officers involved in Floyd’s death were arrested, no officers have been arrested for shooting and killing Taylor. Both deaths have sparked a worldwide Black Lives Matter movement, with many calling for the arrests of the officers involved in Taylor’s shooting, Brett Hankinson, Jonathan Mattingly and Myles …

Stacked Lancers football roster ready to tackle next season

PCC Football has been a bit of a circus in recent years. The cycle of bringing in a new coach every year with hype and player support only to have the team go under .500 and lose said coach for various suspicious reasons has plagued Pasadena City. When most recent hire Thomas Maher was put on administrative leave only weeks before the 2017 season, the cycle was looking like it was about to repeat itself.

Freshman’s knockout ‘triple threat’ skill set

Sporting a number 18 jersey, and standing six feet tall, his eyes dart toward the brown, prolate spheroid-shaped object that quickly dashes through the diamond-shaped grassy area. Playing as a safety and linebreaker, he fends off his opponents who are rapidly dashing toward him. Having an alert mind and strength are two key abilities in this type of scenario, especially where bulky, strong men are charging towards one another.