Ariana Grande: ‘Can’t stop so shut your mouth’

Share: She may have undergone a dramatic hair transformation, but pop sensation Ariana Grande has returned to the spotlight once again with her ever-so-famous groundbreaking vocals. After taking a brief break from the music world, the newly platinum-blonde singer is back with a fresh new single titled “No Tears Left to Cry,” which has already been streamed on Spotify 100 million times. Follow:

‘Fresh Brews’: Get woke and buzzed

Share: Skylight Theatre Company and Emerging Arts Leaders Los Angeles teamed up with Angel City Brewery to bring “Fresh Brews,” theatre that emphasizes on relevant topics that are stirring up in the media. Skylight, located in Los Feliz, California is recognized for expanding the boundaries by creating acts that touch on what some would consider sensitive topics and adds their own twist. Follow:

‘On My Block’ kicks authentic representation to the curb

Share: Just like we all find ourselves binging on a variety of our favorite snacks, millennials look to Netflix for binge-worthy shows that distract them from reality for hours of the day. Some millennials take a deep interest in shows that they can relate to, especially a coming-of-age story about a group of young teens. Netflix’s, “On My Block,” isn’t just any average coming-of-age story. Follow:

Sushi Stop: a mediocre and unsatisfiable stop for fish

Share: I am a practitioner in sushi appreciation. My diet consists of vegetables and fish, so yeah I take a good sushi roll, pretty damn seriously. So I could hardly contain my excitement when I found Sushi Stop, a sushi restaurant in Old Town Pasadena that serves all plates for the small price of $3.25. Since my wallet is a barren wasteland after I splurge on regular, super high priced sushi, a roll for $3.25 was music to my poor college student ears. Follow:

‘Ready Player One’: A video game movie done right

Share: Movies based around video games are usually prone to a major ratings and box office flop. With movies like “Need for Speed”, the “Tomb Raider” movies and all of the “Resident Evil” movies, it seems like the genre is cursed, with only a single exception of “Wreck It Ralph.” However, Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”, based on the book of the same name by Ernest Cline, means to remove that curse and make a great video game movie. And overall, it does. Follow:

An evening spent with Barbra Streisand

Share: As the lights start to dim, the Dolby theatre goes dark leaving a full house of loud, cheering fans. A montage flashes across the screen, showing the highlighted moments of legendary icon Barbra Streisand’s television career. When the lights turn back on, an eager waiting crowd rises in a roar of cheering and endless clapping as director Ryan Murphy welcomes Streisand to center stage. Follow: