‘Come back to earth’: Gone too soon

Share: If it’s one thing that has emerged from Mac Miller’s tragic death, it’s the heartfelt words of remembrance from his peers along with his glowing reputation that affected his fans emotionally and deeply. Artists such as Ariana Grande, Chance the Rapper, SZA, Charlie Puth, Wiz Khalifa, other artists and millions of fans shared heartfelt condolences, short clips of past tours, pictures and Miller’s talent of music influence across all social media platforms in memory of Mac Miller. Miller began to show interest in rap …

Swim breaks alumni records at State Championship

Share: This season of swimmers from PCC’s swim team are recognized for bringing home 13th place at the State Championship as well as breaking alumni records that have been recognized in PCC’s sports Hall of Fame. As this season comes to a close, the most memorable highlights are shared as the swim team says farewell to a few swimmers. Coach Stoddard is proud of the leadership from Samuel Jo as well as the effort Sydney Odent, Ryan Wang, and Roman Rostomyan put into their events …

‘On My Block’ kicks authentic representation to the curb

Share: Just like we all find ourselves binging on a variety of our favorite snacks, millennials look to Netflix for binge-worthy shows that distract them from reality for hours of the day. Some millennials take a deep interest in shows that they can relate to, especially a coming-of-age story about a group of young teens. Netflix’s, “On My Block,” isn’t just any average coming-of-age story. Follow:

Behind the words of Ana Castillo

Share: Esteemed writer Ana Castillo began to write as a young activist in the 1970s. She used her poetry as a form of social protest by exploring the political and ethical implications of her personal experience. Her work seeks to challenge notions of not just Latinos and Latin culture, but ideas about gender roles, sexuality, spirituality, family and culture. She was recently hosted by the PCC English department for an evening of reading and discussion in the Creveling Lounge where students, faculty and staff gathered …

An evening spent with Barbra Streisand

Share: As the lights start to dim, the Dolby theatre goes dark leaving a full house of loud, cheering fans. A montage flashes across the screen, showing the highlighted moments of legendary icon Barbra Streisand’s television career. When the lights turn back on, an eager waiting crowd rises in a roar of cheering and endless clapping as director Ryan Murphy welcomes Streisand to center stage. Follow: