As the lights start to dim, the Dolby theatre goes dark leaving a full house of loud, cheering fans. A montage flashes across the screen, showing the highlighted moments of legendary icon Barbra Streisand’s television career. When the lights turn back on, an eager waiting crowd rises in a roar of cheering and endless clapping as director Ryan Murphy welcomes Streisand to center stage.

Once the crowd settled, Streisand discussed working with other talents including Judy Garland and Ray Charles. When asked about the experiences that have given her most joy, creatively, Streisand looked to her work as a director on films such as Yentl and The Prince of Tides. She felt most in control of her own creative experience.

“That is such a complete experience. It just involves every sense you have, every nerve end, your taste or your visual qualities,” she said. “To be in control and not have to feel frustrated, it’s just so wonderful. You feel so humbled by it, humbled by that power.”

Streisand added that her best collaborations came with men who treated her as a creative partner, asking for her ideas. “I loved Funny Girl,” she said about the comedy-drama which landed her a 1969 best actress Oscar win. “It’s the most wonderful memories I have of my first film because I worked with great men.”

Streisand is the only musical artist ever to have No. 1 albums spanning six decades. Streisand was honored with the Paley Center for Media’s Icon Award for her groundbreaking work as an actress, director, producer and singer-songwriter. Over the years, her amazing talent has landed her two Oscars, 10 Grammy Awards, eight Golden Globes, four Emmys, four Peabody Awards, a Special Tony Award and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

If you’re a Streisand fan you know how funny she is and how she portrayed it in her films such as “Funny Girl” and “Funny Lady.” Using humor in her films was one of the things that portrayed her as different from many actresses and actors in her time. Streisand’s personality, creativity and talent is what makes her so admirable.

To be in the same room, breathing the same air was like a dream. Growing up and being introduced to such talent like Streisand’s is a blessing. It’s surreal when you have the opportunity to attend a concert or discussion panel where celebrities come out and share their most highlighted moments or give you the chance to hear them sing live. To be in a room with other people who share the same adoration is like being around family; they share common interests, which makes it fun to meet and talk to new people.

Although it would have been amazing to see Streisand sing live, it was an evening to remember. As starstruck as I was, I’m thankful to have been able to see one of the many talents I adore in film and music history. Overall, I’d rate my experience a B rating. I felt that there should have been a small portion of the event where Streisand could have sang a few of her favorite songs like she did in her Netflix original movie, “Barbra: The Music, The Mem’ries, The Magic.”

Even though the montage played clips from her highlighted moments, I believe that hearing her voice live would be something incredibly special. To see how she performs live by hitting musical notes like she does in her movies and feel goosebumps creep through as her voice serenades the theatre would be magical. If she had performed like she did in her Netflix original movie or one of her iconic songs like “Don’t rain on my parade” live, then my experience would have definitely been an A rating.

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