McCain: Military man, merciless maverick

As a combat veteran and fellow purple heart recipient it was quite difficult to not root for the late Senator John Sidney McCain III. McCain had a military record to be admired and served in public office for nearly four decades. He was an independent man, a maverick, and did what he felt was right and just. He selflessly served this country and its citizens up until his last days.

Controversy Threatens to Sink Obamacare

Every President of the United States has had some sort of legacy that marked their time in office. For Lincoln, it was the Emancipation Proclamation. For Roosevelt, there was the New Deal and victory in World War II. And for Kennedy, it was the country’s first space exploration. Will Obamacare be the legacy that defines the sitting president’s administration? The Supreme Court will make a decision this week with the King v. Burwell case.