The media would have you believe that the shutdown was the Republican Party’s fault because they don’t like the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. However, that is not the case.

The shutdown happened because Democrats decided that they don’t have to negotiate with Republicans. Republicans in the House have tried negotiating but Obama and the senate Democrats won’t negotiate because they think they’re right.

According to Speaker of the House John Boehner’s website, he urged Obama and senate Democrats to come together with Republicans to “find a path forward on government funding, the debt limit, and protecting all Americans from ObamaCare.”

Boehner recognizes that the American people don’t want politicians up in Washington fighting like children. “You know, Americans expect us to work out our differences. But, refusing to negotiate is an untenable position. And frankly, by refusing to negotiate, Harry Reid and the president [are] putting our country on a pretty dangerous path,” he said.

According to, the mandate in Obamacare forces every individual to buy health insurance by March 2014. If they don’t they will face a $95 penalty per year or have one percent of their annual income deducted, depending on whichever is higher.

Congress is clearly divided between the Democrats not willing to compromise and Republicans not willing to back down. “In a divided government, the American people expect us to work together,” said house republican leader Eric Cantor to Fox Business.

Republicans want to see this mandate either rolled back to 2015, just like the employer mandate portion, or completely repealed.

“If you delay the individual mandate to 2015, you aren’t doing much to the law,” said Alye Senger, research associate at the Heritage Foundation, to Fox Business.

“The way to resolve this is to sit down and have a conversation to resolve our differences,” Boehner said on his website.

Obamacare is the law. So no one should be exempt from this law just like any other law. If Obamacare is as good as Democrats say it is, then Congress and big corporations should sign up just like everyone else.

Congress needs to stop playing the blame game with who is at fault for the shutdown. The government needs to stop punishing the people. An example of this, according to the Washington Post, is the recent incident where World War II veterans came to visit the memorials.

Congress should come together and compromise. Both Republicans and Democrats need to work it out for the good of the country, putting people over politics.

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